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  1. Hi all got a bunch of treated decking timber left over from the the deck. Just wondering if it will be strong enough, see image. Thanks.
  2. Top is cyperus helferi, bottom is Acorus gramineus
  3. From the redwoods front page... Cryptocoryne - Blassii Cryptocoryne - Beckettii Brown Cryptocoryne - Beckettii Green Cryptocoryne - Lutea Cryptocoryne - Petchii Cryptocoryne - Undulatus Cryptocoryne - Willisii Cryptocoryne - Wendtii green Cryptocoryne - Wendtii Broadleaf Cryptocoryne - Wendtii Red Cryptocoryne - Walkeri Cryptocoryne - Balansae
  4. I mean the stream that runs out from zoo on the old mill road side of the zoo and runs along/around Seddon Fields.
  5. Sounds like you Originally had Philippine java Fern, and you have brought the normal java fern which has leaves that grow to the 20-30cm range.
  6. Li@m

    Algae eaters

    What type of algae? Different Fish eat different types.
  7. So if i want to buy some chocolate gouramis, am i paying $15.90 or $17.80 per fish? Is it a buy x amount, for the cheaper price?
  8. Li@m

    Co2 Diffuser

    Simple Physics. Im guessing that you have the CO2 'bottle' below the tank. Basically all the co2 creates pressure and flows through the diffuser. When the amount of co2 being released by the yeast mix reduces so does the pressure creating a siphon and the water flows back into the diffuser/tube. Someone correct me if i'm wrong.
  9. By typing "revival" i think you have made up your mind.. Welcome back!
  10. If you want to see my setup i can bring it to the next AFA meeting.
  11. To convert the plants i like to keep the roots submerged, and very high humidity (90-100%) air. But it is also necessary to have aeration, other wise you will get fungus and mould growing. You can use glad wrap but just leave a little hole at one of the corners. I have a heater in mine other wise it gets to cold and also an air pump with two air stones to keep it nice and humid. Daltons will work fine, you can cap it with sand to make it look nice and to make it easier to plant plants with small root systems. I prefer pots because i can take them out and move them around. Also if you have crypts and you id one you can keep any pups in that pot and it wont go and mix with another plants.
  12. Hi everyone This months meeting will be held on Saturday 25th July at 11.00 am. Raymond Klein will be giving a talk on filtration/sumps which im sure will be informative. Don’t forget Club Subscriptions are due, $20 Per individual. Please Pm for Address and don't forget to RSVP Liam Winterton AFA Secretary
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