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Joe's Breeding Setup Adventure (selling everything now)


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Yay I finally have a proper breeding setup! I went to Christchurch a couple of weeks ago, and spent $660.00 on equipment, food and test kits. I also picked up the two new 85L tanks with had already been paid for.

I have yet to set upmy brine shrimp hatchery, but I have all the bits needed.

Two new tanks, on the right. Both are 50x45x40cm (85L) made from 6mm glass and with internal bases (like ADA tanks), with polished and bevelled edges and 4mm thick double piece lids with the right corners of the back pieces cut out. These will be filtered with Eheim Classic 2213 filters, and heated with Eheim Jager 150w thermostats. The large tank on the left is 65x50x50cm, and is lit with an Aqua Medic Ocean Light 150 with a 150w 6,700K Fish-Street bulb. The heater is an Eheim Jager 300w, and the tank is filtered with an Eheim Classic 2215 filter. It also has an Eheim Classic 2213 filter which will be moved on to the tank on the far right once the 2215 has cycled.


Blackworm cultivation tank, filters and other bits...


140L blackwater tank.


Underneath the 140L tank. Excuse the bucket of sand - it's a free sample I got from a gardening shop to test the cloudiness.


Aqua Medic Ocean Light 150 magnetic ballast on chair.


The fish I will be breeding are Paracheirodon simulans, Apistogramma trifasciata and Hyphessobrycon elachys. I need to set up a peat filter and make some breeding traps before I can attempt to breed the tetras. I will also be getting some gravel and sponge filters. The gravel is for the Apistogramma. I also need a proper lid made for the 140L tank.

Thanks for looking :wave:


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The bucket with the sand is just a small sample for testing. My last experience with sand was a disaster. It had bits of clay in it which clouded the water, and it did not clear for a couple of weeks so I removed it and put gravel in. This sample of sand is from another place, and I was going to test it and if it didn't cloud the water after a rinse I was going to go back and get some more but I found that I had a bit of gravel lying around so I used that for the 140L instead.

I'm probably going to get some fine gravel for the other tanks from Organism.

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Haha yeah I had some bits of glass lying around and mum and some curtain netting.

A new lid with bevelled edges to match the tank will cost $36.00 so not too expensive, so I will order it once I have some money because I spent everything while I was in Christchurch :P

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These are breeding tanks. And they are both going to be loaded with tannins and the one for the neons is going to be covered because the fry are light-sensitive. Don't think it will be possible to grow anything in these tanks.

I will put some oak leaves and wood in the tanks, don't worry. I'm not going to keep the fish in completely bare tanks!

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Just setting up the second tank. I will move the trifasciata over tomorrow.

Also I need to get some oak leaves ready for the Licorice Gouramis which will be arriving tomorrow. I'm super excited about these guys!

I'm going to have to wait a bit with the Green Neons - still need a breeding trap for these guys.

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I've put sand in the trifasciata tank. They now seem a lot happier, and the sand looks awesome too. Huge thanks to Caryl for the sand :hail:

Also I have decided to move the Licorice Gouramis into the main tank soon, because I really want to breed the Green Neons, and now that I have the mesh I just need to get some stainless steel wire and a piece of acrylic for the breeding trap. The acrylic is for the front of the breeding trap so I can see the fish properly, and the wire will be to tie everything together.

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