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Joe's Breeding Setup Adventure (selling everything now)


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Hahaha thanks Sam :P

Where do you get your blackworms from? Are they easy to cultivate yourself?

Yes I cultivate them myself. They are the easiest type of live food to cultivate, they're extremely productive and make an ideal staple food. And you don't need to start new cultures after a certain period like you do with whiteworms when the soil becomes full of waste.

I use a 50x25x25cm tank, and a 2cm layer of dark pea gravel. I find a temperature of 18-23°C works best for the worms. I just use plain tap water and I also run an air pump in the tank. The pH is around 7.5-8 I think.

I feed them Omega One flake. I put the flake in a small dish with some water until it becomes soggy, and then I suck the food up with the turkey baster and then I gently squirt the food onto the gravel (I turn off the air pump first to allow the flake to settle on the gravel). The best way to feed them is little and often. Too much food and it starts to rot and kills the worms.

When I harvest them I suck them up with a turkey baster and feed them straight to the fish.

Once or twice a week I do a large water change. I use a gravel vac and siphon them into a bucket, and then I wait until they have settled on the bottom of the bucket and then I decant off the dirty water. I pour the dirty water down the drain, and them put the worms into a cup. I refill the bucket with fresh water and pour that into the worm tank. I then feed the amount of worms required to my fish, and the rest go back in the tank. I also sometimes do small water changes every now and then (without vaccuming the gravel) just to keep the water in good condition.

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I siphon my blackworms out of the tank then rinse them heaps because the water is stinky. This means the gravel gets a vac and the worms get a waterchange frequently.

More info here: http://www.fnzas.org.nz/?p=3079

As to where they come from - you ask nicely in the WTB section and I am sure someone will respond.

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you make it sound hard.

easiest would be infurosoria followed by mosquito larvae

Blackworms are much easier than mosquitos IMO.

I've never tried infusoria but I imagine that would be easy too. I haven't had any really tiny fry so I've had no need for it.

blackworms are easy....

Put worms in tank with gravel, airstone and heater. Feed worms. Harvest worms. Clean them out now and again.

Exactly :thup:

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I think the piece of wood is rotting in the trifasciata breeding tank, because strange fluffy stuff (not algae, more like fungus) is deveoping all over it and the water has a really bad smell. The fish don't appear to be affected. I'm still worried though.

I'm thinking of keeping up the water changes until the eggs hatch and the fry are free-swimming, and then replacing the piece of wood with another piece that I bought from Redwood Aquatics (which I might chop into two smaller pieces). Also theres around 30 or so trifasciata eggs.

Here's the wood:


And here's another photo of Mr. Trifasciata because he is so awesome :P


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