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Planted 25G Update 11/11/12


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Size- 60x40x40cm LxWxH

Lighting- 3x 20w T8s

Filter- Aqua one CF1000


-Anubas nana

-Java Fern

-Narrow Leaf Java Fern

-Xmas Moss


C. Retrospiralis


Lighting Ridge i think 2-5mm


-Half a bag Jbl FloraPro

-DIY CO2 still to come.

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There you go Sophia a FTS.

Excuse the hole in the substrate and the random piece of wood sticking up on the left and the river stone on the right. Im getting more rocks to put on the left and LOTS more plants!

Ill be putting about 25 Ember tetrasIn and some corys and a dwarf cichlid probs blue ram.

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It looks awesome, especially the way you have combined the white sand with the pebbles as the substrate - a great idea!! Did you get the rocks from around Auckland?


The rocks are basalt from a park near Mt Albert called Harbutt Reserve.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have added a pile of plants and rearranged the set up a bit. ill be changing it around in a couple of weeks.

sorry about the outta focus pic. and it looks kinda funny cause i played round with the highlights to get less glare.


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