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    new zealand paeroa waikato
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    radio controll car/boat/planes.fish

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  1. Pics, I'll say yes, depends on steel size,
  2. mark has a bath at the same time. :ske: :dead%fish
  3. wearing rubber cloves ,the bacteria in your hands will give a false readings, :sage: :rotf: :dead%fish
  4. thank u,, illl let u know closer to time,ill need all hands for this move,, theres acoulpe of two foot plus fishys,hehe
  5. has anyone in that area got big tanks,,lol to hold some fishy while i move one marine and one freshwater,hasnt been confirm yet ,,looking for possables,,
  6. oh i ever thougth of that .cheers :love: 8)
  7. all u have too do is high ligth what awners that are pickable to u, or awnder yes or no,,
  8. cheers ok they only for a course im doing,nice to get some feed back tho thanku :mbh:
  9. im doing buises studys at the moment learning marketing, for my coures i have to do a servey ,theres two of them 10 questins each, whould anyone be interessed in doing one i need about 15 who are fish mined,if yes pm me with email address ill sent them to you to fill out and sent back to me,, thank you ant,
  10. i could say something but could be take in a different ligth ,lol
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