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Any corydoras breeders out there?


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haven't tried novotab, will have a look

I have to confess to being a bad fishkeeper - on Thursday evening I did a cold water change and forgot to put the heater back on, so when I checked them this morning they were at about 16 degrees :oops: now they are warming up with some breakfast .

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Spotted BN :lol:

L140 look to have much bigger eggs, but a lot less

I replaced a cave in the L140 tank with the cave from you, and just dropped it into the spotted BN tank which is below the L140 tank. He decided to take home in there and breed. Cave was smaller than him so the eggs were outside. Two large clutches. Makes me wonder if it was two females or just the one

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how old do corys have to be before they will breed?

Some say a year, some say less. Mine were already adults of over a year old when I got them so they were at it from day 1. I've now got adults that I suspect are breeding that are less than a year old but I can't be sure.

In essence - I have no idea. :dunno:

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I've never pushed them to breed and I don't how to induce it when they're not already doing it in the community tank but my advice would be to wait for them to start displaying then look at getting them in a breeding tank.

It sounds like they're a bit too young if you only got them 4 months ago. You will definitely know when they're at it in the community tank. Once they start having a go then try to encourage them but for now I think you should just enjoy them as is.

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