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  1. The Mars Volta - Octahedron (the whole album)
  2. can you narrow it down by telling us what's in the tank?
  3. Just get the latest edition. They get better each year/release.
  4. I've never had a sub$400 order stopped and I order a fair amount of stuff from the UK and the states including clothing items. If you go over $400 it's another story though and they won't release (deliver) the goods until the duty/gst is paid. If the total order including shipping is less than $400 then you'll be sweet.
  5. as an absolute fluke a friend got his ear pierced at the top of the lobe on his left ear and his allergies and hay fever went away. Turns out the piercer hit the exact spot an acupuncturist would put a needle in to treat these things. Once he took it out a few years later he started getting reactions again. Might be a long shot but it could work for you too.
  6. Twisted val handles being trimmed quite well in my experience. Just cut it all off at the length you want and off you go. Worst case the leaves go brown and then the plant regrows them but I never had that happen with mine.
  7. Seems it was too little too late - he was dead this morning. He had taken a hiding from his tank mates in the night and that had done him in. Thanks for you help all - it's very much appreciated.
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