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  1. Brooklands list had no details except that it was a Galaxy pleco
  2. You could always try some melafix and pimafix :gigl:
  3. I could buy myself a group of 6 zebs, or a new car... Or 6 years membership to my gym... Or set up an 8ft... Or set up another 4 fish rooms...
  4. Wow. I couldn't have given mine away if I wanted too
  5. My peckoltia brevis spawned but my clown loach colony proved an effective contraception. Peckoltiva vittata came in awhile back and I thought "wow awesome something new" but they were meh. There just isn't anything interesting anymore (in my opinion) and I know the suppliers don't want to bring in my plecs as they don't really sell.
  6. I used to do the glad bag method until i popped a siamese fighter all over my face.
  7. My pair spawned in a 60x40x40 which I was told would be too small :roll: After 12 hours after introducing the female they spawned. Lots of tannins in the water, no substrate, bamboo cave, lots of novotab. The last few times they spawned (after moving to a larger tank and introducing a second pair) they used easter island heads
  8. http://www.planetcatfish.com/shanesworl ... cle_id=227
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. P44, you got it!
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