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Any corydoras breeders out there?


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I've breed a few different cories:







They all spawn differently and like slightly different setups

Interesting fact I learnt recently

Cories only have a certain # of eggs, so a young girl will be a better producer than an old fat one, something I wish I'd known long ago :facepalm:

A year old is perfect

Sophia, try this :sage:

Fill tank to top set temp to 23 deg

feed sparingly for a day or so

then ramp up feeding

drop water level a few inches a day & slowly ramp temp up to 26 deg

till about 1/2 full

Give a big feed of bloodworms/ grindals/white worms etc

Increase aeration and flow in the tank, focus it in a front corner you can keep an eye on

jam as plenty of fake plant, java moss etc (Sera does a bio fibre filter product, my Triliniatus love laying in that)

Then top up tank by spraying water in (I use a hose with spray attachment)

Check corner for eggs

My Trilineatus spawn almost daily and I just cycle the spawning material, when I have time to raise the young.

Good luck


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Hello Owen

Funny you should bring this up, I have just this week changed the tank again to try and stimulate some egg production:

Full tank shot


The trough


After doing everything but giving them a plant, my strategy wasn't working so have gone back to the more natural environment setting.

As soon as I put gravel in they stopped hiding and came out and about. Next day I got the plants and plopped those around.

Left the moss in there in case they want to lay there and wrapped around the caves though they don't appear to need them.

The trough idea is so I can feed them worms and walk away without wondering if they got any as it takes them a little while to come out after I’ve gone.

It works well, just about every time I come into the room any number of them will be sitting in the trough. They are now acting like fish again instead of scared moss-hiders. There is much more activity when I’m around.

One question – should the sponge filter have that layer of fuzz? Is there something wrong or is that what a seasoned sponge is supposed to do?

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