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  1. Firstly welcome to the addiction. Now as for your filter media it sounds as though you have some good stock. Just make sure that you have a coarse and then fine filter wool before the other media. This will help to filter out all the larger particles in the water before filtering through the rest. As for plants.... Look on the FNZAS plants page. most of the commonly found, low light level plants will do fine. Fighters don't generally go for plants but do like to hide in them. Ambulia, water wisteria, java ferns, small crypts, star grass, most species of hygrophila, dwarf sag..... and more. Most LPS will have mostly easy to maintain plants... but then again that can also be a great way to get snails and unwanted algae. I think at the end of the day the best advise is to learn as you go. Thats how most of us do it. :slfg:
  2. love the pet shop idea ha ha. legal highs.... don't want any thing to do with that and alcohol maybe wine and beer..... but in a place that emphasis driving maybe not. Biltong is a good idea. Cafe would work but loads of stations have those. I am trying to be creative. The station is on a main road in Auckland that leads off of the motor way towards a mall with out saying too much.
  3. So I was wondering If i could get some general ideas of what people think would be a good small business to get going at a petrol station... Like how Caltex used to have subway and PB ahve to go stores? "Leave your creative and interesting responses beLOOOOOW" :digH:
  4. Is it catching on everything and just staying there? may be from new filter wool. I get it when i put new stuff in my filters some times. I just disturb it and in a day or so it gets sucked back through the filter and then it's all gone
  5. I know many people will contact the council if they find any swarms. Maybe see if they know of any that they are waiting for keepers to remove. Just make sure their original keeper isn't trying to track them down (my old boss used to find and re hive his swarmed bees)
  6. never saw them when I had the fern in
  7. I have someone interested in some of my Ottos but I need to get them from Palmerston North to Hamilton. Is anyone passing through that could transport these little guys for me? can offer you 2 ottos free if you want?
  8. Latest I have got 10 for sale atm. Pick up Palmy no shipping. $10 each. Pm me if interested
  9. the camera just happens to be the phone lol and they don't flock to the wafer yet. i probably feed them too much. will set up the phone this week end with voice capture on and see how we go
  10. Keep trying to get pics of these guys when they mass the algae wafers but they scatter when ever I get close enough lol. It's great watching the school round after the lights go off
  11. sweet so about half way there then. will put a post on here first if I have any left after the ones spoken for before I put a new topic in private trade
  12. Great. Hard to get an exact count bit it would be 20+. The largest is about 15mm. Does anyone know what size they would be alright to sell? I know they are too small now but do they need to be the size of the ones in pet stores?
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