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  1. Female convicts have orange coloration on their bodies especially the belly area and get more pronounced when breeding. Adult males are usually bigger and can have nuchal humps.
  2. One of each (female) may be possible. Though for a 90cm 150L tank, I would highly recommend species-only; a pair of either Firemouth or Convict cichlids.
  3. fishyNZ


    I've also used HFF's Praziquantel-based wormer as well as Flubendazole-based Kusuri wormer, but without experiencing issues like yours. Good to know the Geos are now doing well.
  4. Lol below is the full tank shot (90 x 64 x 40 cm). Find the dozen... Originally a growout tank for a group of orange head geo juveniles, some lemon tetras and the festivum pair.
  5. The parents are now separated as I noticed a big reduction in the number of fry since last night. About a dozen or so are left. I started offering Repashy cubes which they seemed to have accepted now though initially there was some reluctance (ignored). Feeding is around 4 times a day; twice each in the morning and evening (with 1 hour interval). When the parents were still there, I had done daily 30% water changes but might do less now, since the tank is relatively large (3ft 230L) for just a dozen fry. Once grown up a bit, they will be moved to a smaller tank for easier maintenance.
  6. Thanks! Looks like chicken head, maybe?
  7. Fry are free-swimming now. Their parents are doing a good job of corralling them, which makes it easier for me to feed. At the moment, they are fed on decapsulated brineshrimp and NLS fry starter. I might try offering them Repashy/pellet food after 3 weeks. I might also separate the parents within a week or so, as this is just their second spawning.
  8. Second time spawning; first time didn't went well as I separated from the parents too early. Hope will be successful this time. Not sure if these are M.insignis or M.festivus but I'm leaning on the former, just basing on the color on the lower body.
  9. Nice to hear they're all good. Perhaps the Geo had a taste first and the pleco was just returning the favor...
  10. Anyone ordered from Ken's fish recently? Feedback on delivery/shipping times (Priority mail international)? Issues with Customs, etc? Appreciate the response.
  11. Re festivums: I always liked the “plain” silver ones over the colored variants, not sure why. They were relatively common during the time I kept them, in my teens, circa early nineties (not in NZ). As for body shape, I think they’re just normal for four-year old, well-fed fish. I currently have 2 young ones, which could be M.mirificus, basing on coloration only.
  12. Like the festivums; how old are they?
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