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  1. hi do you still have him ? ive got 3 in my 400 litre tank
  2. julidochromis this is a lake tanganyika cichlid,likes lots of rocks and hiding places,$25, wont ship cheers based in upper hutt
  3. hi is the clown still available ? i could take him i 3 in my 400 litre tank
  4. need to move the big guy on, currently lives in a 400 litre tank with redspot severums , jack Dempsey's and a few other, looking at $80 for him, must go into a big tank current size around 40 cm really healthy and a good looking pleco , best to contact me on 0276400570 cheers
  5. hi i could take him, i got the mbuna of you a while back
  6. Hi is this still available i have a tank of with Mbuna
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