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  1. I am keen but I am in Wellington if you drive down ad could drop them off.
  2. preferably in Wellington, could offer 2 C. schwartzi and/or 2 C. melanistus to swap. Please pm or email me if interested.
  3. I have a large lot of young Boesmannis Rainbows. I want to start selling some now as they are growing quickly and I am running out of space. They are between 1 - 1.5 cm, see photo. They eat almost everything, are safe to transport but too young to sex (although there is a good chance that the larger ones are boys and the smaller ones are girls). You don't want them together with larger fish at this size, but I keep them with cories, whiptails and emperor tetras and that's fine. Getting them early is your gain, they sell for NZD 24 each at the local petstore ! One photo is of one of the actual parents, the other one of the actual fish with a ruler so that you can assess the size. For more details on the species see: http://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/melanotaenia-boesemani/ . IMPORTANT: pick up in Ashhurst near Palmy ONLY, I am not mailing fish.
  4. Would be interested but cannot pick up any time soon. Are your travelling through Palmy in the near future by any chance?
  5. I am interested as well in 4, I am local and could pick them up. Please txt me @ 0221966112.
  6. Is the NZD 15 the price per fish or just for shipping ?
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