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  1. I know I'd be pushing my luck but do you still have the pair
  2. African cichlids Blue zebra Males and females available 12 available Would prefer them to be sold all at once $10 each or $100 for all Also listed elsewhere
  3. At the moment it is 3ft x 1.5 x 1.5 unit I get the 7 x 2.5 x 2.5
  4. Hello every one as title says im wondering what would be good tank mates for an arowana
  5. Yeap I watched it Just shows jet star like to waste every one's time
  6. That's a bit sad Good to see you still got one
  7. do you have photos or has it gone
  8. Hello all i have a 4ft tank im going to set up as a African cichlid tank and i was wounding what one i can have to gether and what one cant and how meany
  9. Hello all to day I picked up a Bristlenose Pleco from my lfs to day he is about 8cm How much would you pay for a bristlenose pleco
  10. patrickc22


    Wellcome to the fish keeping world
  11. I will be getting a aqua pro external filter 1200
  12. Hello fellow fish keepers I have my new tank I'm setting up at the moment a slow process I am wanting to put a undergravel filter witch is a 40 Gallon Size: 119 x 29cm here is what I am thinking off from Hollywood fish farm http://www.hollywoodfishfarm.co.nz/detail/view/clear-n-clean-undergravel-filter-40-gallon/m/998/ My tank is 122cm wide 45cm high 44.5cm deep and it has bracing on the bottom the photo shows it as you can see it starts about 40mm in and stops 40mm from the sides and if I put it in their I would have to sit forward or the pipes will be on a angel I was wondering what I could put underneath it I was thinking sand to make it flat or just the stones they are 3mm to 6mm witch is the better option my other question is how well do they work are they worth it
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