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  1. Finally, after getting rid of the the Trumpet snails.... I noticed these little guys in my main tank!! now, I'm waiting for some Zebra Danios to start popping out! (have 150+ of 'em already!) These guys are just out of snack size range! probably some more hiding in the Java! Yep, they are Emperor Tetras, counted 7 so far... only spotted after a water change they are in my main 750l tank... -Chris
  2. Hi Guys, I just got an email from Vector, for a power outage, at my place, over 2 days I'm just a little worried about my tanks, why winter! WHY WHY!, I'm just hoping it's not too cold on these days... I'm in Auckland, house doesn't get too cool, Tanks are 750l Acrylic & 100 litre Glass 750l, contains, 150+ Zebra Danios, Emperor Tetras, Kissing Gourami's, Whiptail cats 100l contain 25+ Corys Questions, how do I keep the tanks warm, (I'm just hoping for a warmish couple of days?) I don't have a fire place or anything, should I get a generator in? run the filters/heaters on that? wrap the tanks up in blankets? our shouldn't worrie? Outage Date(s) Monday 30 July 2018, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm AND Tuesday 31 July 2018, 12:15 pm - 3:15 pm Thanks -Chris
  3. little guy lost the battle this morning, managed to move him into a smaller tank with some metafix.... :-/ Guess Fishie Fight club is going to start up again, to find the next dominant male... (have 45+ emperors in the tank) -Chris
  4. Hi, I noticed, one of my dominate male emperor tetras was acting a little strange.... seems to have a rather large belly, compared to others... I did skip one weekly water change, (1 week), due to my water main breaking! ugh!, but I did do one in the weekend problem guy (Below), notice the size of him, did think at first, he may have eaten a new Zebra Danio (added 125-150 to the tank a week ago), he seems to be mid water.... to upper levels.... still kinda active... well didn't like his photo getting taken.... so I really don't like my chances of catching him..... Thanks -Chris Fat Emperor? or bloat? What a normal emperor is alot thinner... (below) (Male)
  5. ordered some, :-) $15 with free delivery for 30 b+ grade fingers crossed they will get in the country... Thanks -Chris
  6. Have 35-40 of these guys in my main tank, pretty entertaining... (water change time is the best!) not sure about the comment "peaceful" males tend to have there own little "fishy fight club" going on, lost a couple of males that got really badly beaten up.... seem to have settled down a lot since I've re-arranged my tank since the base collapsing issue... Yet to have any breed (or the young survive), but I am guessing it's from the damn Trumpet Snails, and crazy amounts of Corys (40+) I had in the tank, let alone all the other tetras in the tank that would snack on any babys... Anyway, is one of my favourite Tetras... -Chris
  7. was all MDF, all held together with just staples... I've had the tank for 2 years now (second hand), was a little shocked/amazed that the whole thing didn't collapse, all of the MDF was bent... Still working on the tank, removing all the scratches... (Acrylic tank) using sand paper/meguiars plastx, is taking a bit to get it clear, drill/buffing wheel didn't seem to work... but el cheapo bunnings sponges, seem to be working just need ALOT of them..... should have that finished tonight... then... rinsing/cleaning it ugh! tanks 88cm deep... and has limited access inside... 2x 30cm-40cm access holes Couple of deaths in the temp tanks :-/, almost lost them all, FX6 was hooked upto a temp tank.... am guessing it was doing an air purge, blew the outlet pipe out of the tank, and pumped 70+ litres over the lounge carpet.....fish had about 20-30cm of water left in that tank... :-/ Other tank, my colony of Corys... are loving it.... laying eggs, getting airborne all the time... like the little nuts they are... (30+ of them) Anyway, should have the tank really this weekend...
  8. Had a bit of a shock a couple of weeks ago... my 750 Litre Tank, dropped about 1 cm, in one corner....I reduced the volume, to say 500 litres... Moved fish/weed/logs etc, to bath, spare tanks, I had to, remove the plastic shell... which kinda cracked and split in the process... to uncover the horror from what I can see, I'm guessing it was in a flood of some kinda from the previous owner.... still, pretty shocked, that it's held up for 2 years like that... Anyway, I'm now in the process of making my first base... looking at using fence posts with bolts/screws etc? do I need to go too overboard? tanks an odd shape, (kinda like a coffin curved on both sides) tank is acrylic, so probably helps alot with the weight. 1800x600 at the middle curving down to 400 at the ends, is 880 deep -Chris
  9. I believe the Albino's are bronze (standard pet shop albino's) am just worried about over populating the bottom of the tank.... at the moment it's pretty busy... or shouldn't I worrie, and put 100+ of the little guys in there? I have spare tanks... haven't bothered to breed any cory's since last year... the little guys have just been at it again.... eggs all over the tank... normally I just ignore and they become fish/snail food!
  10. Just checking, what the max colony I should look at for Corys? Tank 750l (kinda the ground area of a coffin) currently 30+ Albinos 15+ Sterbai Am wondering if I should get motivated enough to breed some more, or have I got enough already? at the moment they all seem pretty happy, tend to stick to there own little groups. Thanks -Chris
  11. I have Finnex 24/7 running on my tank, it has moonlight etc, has a fancy remote, even lightning effects... used it a couple of times... Plants kinda love it, my tank is kinda deepish (88cm, light makes is all the way to the bottom) Got it from Amazon, with youshop doing the shipping.. -Chris
  12. nah, the little bastards, only eat live food, probably have been told by there mums, "if it don't wiggle! don't nibble!" found they will not touch frozen blood worms, yes, I probably could train them to eat... with wiggling them around... but have easyer access to other live foods, I have read that sometimes if they are in a community tank, they can 'learn' to take flake etc, after seeing the other fish eating it... I did have them eating a worming tablet... but I'm guessing they were confused... it looked a little life daphnia flooting in the tank Anyway, I may have sorted out my problem.. with just a small gap between, my leave date and the arrival of my house sitters.. is now down to 3 days!! I could probably overdose 'em with SNAILS! to keep them going, dumped a big chunk of weed in from my big tank into the puffy tank in the weekend!, also some sponge filters from my baby cory tank (covered in snails)... I haven't had any of the puffys complaining about food all week!! (yep they all have fat little tummys!!) -Chris
  13. Hi, I have a small problem, (well rather 4 small problems), I'm looking at going on holiday for a few weeks, and my current house/fish sitters, I normally use, are still in OZ, and will not be back in time, I am wondering, if I should move my dwarf puffers (4) into my main tank, and use an automatic feeder, I am thinking the amount of snails, in there should be enough to keep them going... (currently, it has been my source of food for them, for the last 9 months, with the morning and night harvest of snails! for them). they also,get a mix of white worms & mossies/daphnia. (all live) the puffers, are pretty tiny, (the size of a pea, also known as pea puffers) I'm pretty sure they will give a few of my guys a bit of a nip... but most of the fish are pretty quick, that and the tank is rather huge. Main tank is 750 litre, planted community tank, so plenty of snails!! 45 Corys3 Large kissing goramnis3 chain loaches2 kulli loaches2 Whiptail cats100+ tetraslooking at being away for 3-4 weeks (friends wedding in India) I think it would be a big ask, even getting my sitters, to do the crazy stuff I do to feed these little guys! other idea, as, I may have a 6 day period of no one in the house... (maybe able to get a friend in to feed 'em) use a brine shrimp hatch and feed system for the puffers?? would it be able to keep up with the puffers for 6 days?? https://www.amazon.com/KollerCraft-Feeder-Shrimp-Hatchery-Aquariums/dp/B002DVREP8 I have one at home, just never used it, I have probably a gap, of about 6 days... before my Fish Sitters would be available anyone tried one of these in the past? -Chris
  14. Zimbaliza

    Fish food

    used to give mine a bit of boiled egg (yellow) even the white... my Corys would snack on it... took a bit for them to work out it's actually food!... but they would go nuts see them taking chunks out of the white! only gave them tiny tiny bits. (as they are tiny fish!!) bigger fish probably would love 'em too (was the secret bait for kingi's in the kaipara a few decades ago!) -Chris
  15. I've never seen a Ray2, did watch a few youtube videos, and kinda liked the 24/7 (was alot cheaper than the ray2) currently amazon has it for $129USD my tank is 750l 180l x (40w-60w) x 88h, (has a curve on both sides), the 120cm light... on full highlights everything... probably would have been nicer, if it was 180cm! I am pretty happy with it, it totally changed the look of my tank, made the fish stand out alot more.... and I love having it with a remote, (altho I did have a remote from Bunnings for turning the power on and off for the old light) The sunrise/sunset... yeah well, as I said, are a bit of a novelty, maybe better for a smaller tank... it just didn't seem to have enough "Light" for mine... moonlight, is pretty cool, (had it running 24/7 one night.... ) walked out... was like woooah! would I get a 24/7 again?? Yep! -Chris
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