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  1. Barrie

    Albino p82

    and size as well please, so we can see what sex it is
  2. Im wanting to try Indian Almond leaves in with one of my Killi specie in order to try and boost egg production and fungal damage. Trade Me has none so wondering if any one has some and are willing to post to West Auckland. I have no idea how much they are so just let me know and I can deposit into your account. Thanks
  3. at the end of the day, it dosnt worry me. I joined to be a member of FNZAS but its no biggy
  4. no it isnt, I joined a month or more ago
  5. Barrie

    Aphy. Bitaeniatum

    yes these are mop spawners but dont lay many eggs. Im hoping to get a few fry later this week and some at the end of next week. The eggs I took last week (only a few eggs) should hatch this week
  6. Barrie

    Aphy. Bitaeniatum

    they are similar from what Rodney tells me but are larger. They were brought into the country as Bivitattum Lagos but they are Bitaeniatum Lagos as Bivitattum are not from Lagos. Aqualog confirms these as Bitaeniatum by photos. Bitaeniatum do come from Lagos.
  7. Barrie

    N. Guntheri

    They'e arrived and settled in well with their peat pot
  8. Barrie

    Aphy. Bitaeniatum

    Ive taken enough eggs at the moment so I just leave the mop in and see what happens
  9. Barrie

    Aphy. Bitaeniatum

    Apology if you are also a member of the facebook page but for those that are not I also post on here for those interested the latest additions Aphy. Bitaeniatum Lagos They show a little more colour than this photo. I picked them up from Hollywood Fish Farm on Saturday morning and placed them in the tank. Fed them and didnt get to see them or feed them until Monday 10am. Took a couple of eggs by 12 noon. From years ago they were hard to get numbers of eggs and had a poor hatch rate so time will tell.
  10. After taking eggs last Tuesday (22nd August) the first fry hatched this morning with another couple well on the way. I only kept about 15 or 20 eggs this way then collected another 20 to 30 on the Thursday and Friday placing them on peat. I will hatch them in another couple ofweeks. This week Ive been picking eggs daily and placing on peat so will give them 2 to 2.5 weeks before hatching. So much easier hatching from peat as you get the fry all the same size.
  11. Hollywoods Mt Roskill have another couple of pairs of these. Easy to maintain and keep plus easy to breed. For those that want to try egg layers, these would be a great starter. I have had these live for 3 to 4 years as they are not the short lived Nothos. Worth a try people.
  12. Barrie

    N. Foerschi

    Hollywoods in Mt Roskill have 2 more pair on N. Foerschi if anyone is interested. They are younger looking but in very good order and mine have started to spawn by the look of it. If your keen on Nothos then it would pay to have a look as the last thing we want to happen to these is to disappear.
  13. Barrie

    Barrie M

    thanks guys. Just read through a lot of my notes today and am surprised at what I had forgotten
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