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Ambulia rotting?


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I've had this problem for a few months now my ambulia keeps turning black I tried to cut off the area which was black but it came back, maybe i missed a spot or soemthing is wrong with the entire plant. If anyone knows how to fix this please tell me 🙂

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-13 at 12.39.20_0d12cb1e.jpg

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-13 at 12.39.21_74b5e974.jpg

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This is a common problem with stem plants like this and ambulia is good at it. Most likely lack of light as the bushy tops cut off the light to the bottom half. Try thinning it out a bit, if it is too thick.

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sometimes also the stem plants we buy are grown emersed and they sometimes melt back and come back with submerged growth - also if your running c02 or adding a nutrient to help with that it could be causing it to melt


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