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  1. I just added plants to a partly newly established tank. As seen in the photo everything looks to be growing well and I even see some new leaves sprouting from my (I can be wrong and please correct me, but I think it's a) moneywort plant. My micro sword plants seem to be doing well too, I've noticed that they've grown a bit since they've been put in. However my Anubis nana plant doesn't seem to be doing so well, I tried to pick the best looking plant from the shop and it seemed to be doing well. What is it and what should I do?! With my moneywort plants, I think some of the leaves may be decaying which I think is normal so should I just leave it for when I get my snails? Temp is at 25-26 degrees celclius, using the lighting that came with the tank (aqua one). If anyone also has any recommendations on what I could put into this tank or how to make it look more nicer (im planning to put more rocks in) that would be helpful I have also been regularly adding API stress Lyme, API stress coat and sachem flourish excel for co2. It also just went through a bacteria conversion bloom where it got really cloudy for a bit, I don't know if that a contributing factor Thanks!
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