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Found 5 results

  1. NormanE


    My Moonlight suddenly developed these lesions, which are spreading rapidly. I moved him to a hospital tank but a couple of the other fish in the original tank are now showing the same rapid lesion development. Any idea what it is and how to treat it please?
  2. Hi, Relatively new here, but had fish for quite a while. I noticed the other day my two GBA adults have white patches. It doesn’t seem to worry them and neither have changed their behaviour. So I guess just unsightly, does anyone know what it could be and what could be a possible cure? Certainly something outside of my experience currently. I have tried treating for the usual suspects fungi and bacteria and there’s been no visible change. What else is there that could produce a blotch type result? Let me know your thoughts as I’m stumped. Cheers
  3. My honey Gourami laying flat on her side for the past 2 days, been worse on the second day. I have hospitalised her, raised temp to 30 deg and treated with methylene blue and gave her peas, she's not eating, but gills or moving. Occasionally she tries to swim but falls back down to gravel. She also has slightly enlarged rear side compared to rest of the body. Anything better I could do to save her?
  4. Hi, my goldfish isn't doing to well and is just sitting at the bottom of the tank in the same spot all today and yesterday. I am in the cycling process and bought prime to switch to from my old water conditioner as I know it detoxifies ammonia. I thought that there was a chance he was stressed from the ammonia (even though it was only 0.25ppm), so I did a 50% water change yesterday and dosed the whole tank with prime, and left for 24 hours, and dosed the tank again as there was still 0.25ppm present. This, unfortunately, doesn't seem like the problem so it's a bit stressful as I'm new to fish keeping and have no idea what is wrong or how to fix it!! Here's some info I've gathered so far: -he's still eating if I drop a pellet in (don't want to feed him too much yet seeing as he's sick) -he is flashing occasionally, and rubbed himself on the substrate a couple of times -extremely lethargic, not doing anything except grazing the bottom for a minute or two -he's new, and think he may have caught something at the pet shop?? -normal poo, same colour as his pellets and not at all white or bubbly just incase you want to know about my water parameters, ammonia 0.25ppm, nitrite 0ppm, nitrates 5-10ppm. Had him since the 19th of November.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a 600l African cichlid tank which runs pretty smoothly most of the time. I have sand substrate, plenty of rocks, two cannister filters and do a water change every week. Earlier this week I woke up to find a normally healthy frontosa dead and a dying aurora who didn't survive. we did a water change and everything tested up fine. Ammonia, nitrate and nitrite 0, pH 8.2. Water temp 24c. our lemon cichlid also looked worse for wear along with quite a few other fish who recovered nicely with the water change. The lemon cichlid hasn't however, he's a bit sluggish, panting with funny white ?spikes around one gill cover. Photo below. Any ideas? Very difficult to pull fish out of this tank due to rocks. Another blue peakock isn't well with clamped fins, hanging out at the top and generally unhappy with a raw area by his fin Sorry it won't let me upload another photo, as it's too big I think?
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