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    My Moonlight suddenly developed these lesions, which are spreading rapidly. I moved him to a hospital tank but a couple of the other fish in the original tank are now showing the same rapid lesion development. Any idea what it is and how to treat it please?
  2. Kribensis for sale for pickup only in Dunedin. $5 each
  3. The lights are T5 fluorescents (ie high penetration bulbs to get the depth), water 1m deep, lights on14 hours per day.
  4. T5s. Six 1.2m tubes above each 2000l tank... It was plenty for the first year. But I do have low fish stocking levels, so not much biological replenishment for a large system. So I think I'll try a heavy dose of Flourish Advance in case it is a micro-nutrient deficiency.
  5. Yes, Alan, that was my thought as well. When I saw the problem emerging I added plant tabs (quite a lot) around my most valuable plants... but they had no effect. That's why I'm wondering if there's one critical mineral missing. Unfortunately, the plant tabs I bought don't have their ingredients listed.
  6. I'm looking for ideas about a problem that has emerged recently. I have a 5000 liter water system flowing through my tanks. Stocking levels are low, and water changes are done with rain water; so the tanks are soft and slightly acid, but only mildly so. My plants and fish grew like mad for about a year, and I also had a lot of very small snails. Then, suddenly, about three months ago the fish and plants stopped growing and the snails died. Needless to say that the fish which had been reproducing in the system, Swordtails, Platies, Kribs, and Angels all stopped breeding. Any ideas about what I should look for... or how to look for it? I'm guessing it's either some toxin, or a mineral deficiency (Calcium?).
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