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  1. Hi guys, has anyone used this method of filtration? Would anyone be able to give me some personal experiences with it both positive and negative? after being subscribed to Fish2WaterNZ (Likoma on here i believe) on youtube for a while now, i have been inspired to try it myself because the results they get from this method really do speak for themselves. Likoma's tanks are some of the nicest freshwater tanks i have ever seen and by the looks of it this filtration method definitely works. So yeah if any of you have experience with it please let me know - I'd also definitely recommend subscribing to 'Fish2WaterNZ' on youtube. Cheers
  2. Hiya, welcome to the forum our reptile forum here isnt the most active but mainly because nobody posts lol, but there are always people hanging around ready to help those who do. theres a few here with natives but not as many as you'd think. ive got my permit and can help you with how to go about getting one, just ask me and ive also got some links to pdf's on cage design and care of natives lying around somewhere so just ask and i can send them to yah. also become a payed member of the New Zealand Herpetological Society forum. its based around native reptiles and there are some good cage build threads aswell as caresheets and just pics of lizards and enclosures. anyway nice to have another keen reptile person on here
  3. Anyone keep or have kept newts outside? howd they go through out cold winters? have any die offs? i imagine our climate would be fairly similar to Japan except their winters much colder so there shoudnt be any problems here really? wanting to do an enclosed outdoor biotype with mine but they are still fairly young so in their terrestrial stage so dont want to lose them lol.
  4. any updates? i can imagine it would have grown in real nicely by now
  5. I'm interested to see the set ups people keep theirs in, will post one of mine in a couple days when I'm finally satisfied with it haha
  6. Sorry for bringing back an old post lol but one guy is saying because they are nocturnal, only enter water to lay eggs so there arent many predators and stuff and then there's others that are very confident they would have many predators to compete with, then whats the problem with them existing here? Other than the possible one or two native frog eggs/tadpoles that were actually eaten because of the almost unexistant number of native frogs anyway. I mean why waste money fighting a losing battle? Surely the predators will keep the numbers balanced anyway just like predators in Ausy keep certain species balanced. I do love native frogs but if mpi or doc or whoever it is that manages the them let them be kept privately then there would be many hobbyist that would be more than happy to help out and get their numbers back up. Just like native reptiles
  7. hollywood fish farm mt roskill keeps their newts in an open top tank lol
  8. :cophot: nice mark, is that one of the group you got?
  9. nice update, have a pic of the 450l?
  10. nope. only exotic lizards are blue tongues, water dragons bearded dragons, leopard geckos, shinglebacks (near impossible to get) and some new ones that surprised a few people recently were the cunningham skinks, where a lot of young ones have been listed on trademe.
  11. doc took bloody ages to get back with my permit but was well worth it. well when i say ages i mean a few months but when you are waiting for a reply its feels like forever. some people i know got a reply within a week and others longer than myself so after a couple of weeks id give them a ring just as a reminder. so to get it, contact your local doc and tell them you are interested in keeping native geckos and they will send you links to apply for permit or send you a hard copy if youd rather that. also join the new zealand herpetological society - not just the forum but become a paid member and you get magazines etc for free aswell as it unlocks all the usefull parts of the forum. good luck and unfortunately the water dragons are the largest lizards allowed privately in nz.
  12. few on trademe at the moment, is not babies then young ones
  13. Sounds like you have done a bit if research already which is great, a sump is good however they are definitely not needed. Diy led would be fun, im pretty keen on that myself. Pumps, get a wp25, have great reviews, quite powerful, excellent wave action when you set it to that. Comes with controller and stuff so pretty easy to use. A much cheaper alternative to the vortecs and people claim them to be better due to the adjustable head and the fact that they sit completely in the tank and the sound of the motor is muffled by the water as opposed to the vortecs where the motor is on the outside of the glass and not exactly quiet. Depending how well the spread is on your light, you could put the unit towards the back but ideally above the main body of coral you have as its the coral that need the light, fish don't mind. If your coral is up against the back of the tank then obviously you won't have a problem with the unit being at the back. Good luck and patience is your friend with marine 8)
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