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Full tank shot thread

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There is a desperate lack of full tanks shots at the moment.

Everyone post your full tank shots, no close up or equitpment shots, just your full frontal reef tank pics.

I will put up mine tonight

[mod=cees]Try to keep file sizes below 100kbyte each, 1 photo per post perhaps. Thanks for your cooperation[/mod]

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Yes Ghostface I'm impressed!

Never been able to photo mine since I added lighting for the sps it comes out overexposed and does not show the colors, colours only show in close ups.

Nonetheless I'll have a play this evening and do the best I can & post it. Be warned though it will be the scummiest tank in the thread. :oops:

Next tank will be designed a bit more easthetically.

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good stuff guys.

wasp i share your lack of ability to get a shot that shows colours well.

keep them coming

and jimmy feel free to post a pic, i wanted everyone to post but those were special requests

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Well guys, I am proud to announce that I just received my 100th vote on www.ratemyfishtank.com !!!


I was very surprised it was actually approved, I thought it hadnt been until I got an email today.

average of 3.67 out of 10, meaning that my tank has been rated higher than 9.38%of tanks in the all fish tank category. A little miffed I was moved from the reef tank section, but hey I cant complain. 8)



It's getting there :D

btw you guys have some amazing tanks. When I'm rich and married to a trophy wife, one day.....

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