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Some pics of my fish barbs and rainbows

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Got the camera out the other day after a Atherton change and snapped some pics ..

This tank has stayed fairly much the same for last 3 years. Very low maintenance. The planting is haphazard but suits. 

Stocking has changed a little over time. It would be nice to get some nicer and more variety of  Rainbows in there. I have what they call Eastern, splendid and striped ( exquisites ). They're expensive in shops and the bosemani, blues and reds  around me aren't that great  

Barbs- 7 Golden, about 15 cherry but did have lots more ( had a few breed and grow out when the Java moss took over the tank for a while one time)  

My Odessa barbs are my favourite 5M  and 3 F which I know is a wrong ratio but aggression is only a bit of ' chasey'.

They've been in the tank for over 3 years and all males are beautiful coloured with dominant male just a little deeper in colour. The females  can give as could as they get. 

Then there A few 5 stripes and a couple of checkered which I'd like more of as they are quite hidey

And. 3 Sae to clean up  and a small school of danios

excuse some of the photos I managed to do some creative cropping somewhere in the process of sizing and uploading  
















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Cant kill a weed Mark! - trust all is well with you

yes the barbs are great and good price for the colours and personality, and hardy.

Gonna chuck some groups into breeding tanks outside when it warms up. Just for giggles and to get a few survivors to grow out and put inside.

I do wish  the selection of rainbows around now was as good as was a few years back though

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