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  1. Ha! Cant kill a weed Mark! - trust all is well with you yes the barbs are great and good price for the colours and personality, and hardy. Gonna chuck some groups into breeding tanks outside when it warms up. Just for giggles and to get a few survivors to grow out and put inside. I do wish the selection of rainbows around now was as good as was a few years back though
  2. Got the camera out the other day after a Atherton change and snapped some pics .. This tank has stayed fairly much the same for last 3 years. Very low maintenance. The planting is haphazard but suits. Stocking has changed a little over time. It would be nice to get some nicer and more variety of Rainbows in there. I have what they call Eastern, splendid and striped ( exquisites ). They're expensive in shops and the bosemani, blues and reds around me aren't that great Barbs- 7 Golden, about 15 cherry but did have lots more ( had a few breed and grow out when the Java moss took over the tank for a while one time) My Odessa barbs are my favourite 5M and 3 F which I know is a wrong ratio but aggression is only a bit of ' chasey'. They've been in the tank for over 3 years and all males are beautiful coloured with dominant male just a little deeper in colour. The females can give as could as they get. Then there A few 5 stripes and a couple of checkered which I'd like more of as they are quite hidey And. 3 Sae to clean up and a small school of danios excuse some of the photos I managed to do some creative cropping somewhere in the process of sizing and uploading
  3. Cheers. Used to have LED lights on this tank but gave away while in storage which sort of miss now I gave myself a $300 budget for fish, plants, substrate and lighting to get tank up and running So I just dusted off a couple of 4ft fluros and luckily old lid was still working. Think one is warm and one is cool white. Room is fairly light so plants ok for light
  4. My very simple 4ft Barb, rainbow tank. Substrate is washed sandpit sand, and plants just one type of Hygrophila and then Java moss. Plenty of filtration so have to admit not much maintenance, recently took out a bucket of moss which had taken over, but had let my cherry barbs hide a couple dozen 'youngins' Fish are a selection Barbs, Rainbows of dubious origins, a couple of confused bolivian ram and 3X L200, each 20cm- refugees from a friends tank that save on glass cleaning.
  5. firenzenz


    Recently inherited 3 nice adults so Just wondering if anyone is keeping these in numbers and sort of sizes they've got up too.
  6. One of the prettiest plecs I've always thought.
  7. I'd go with more yellows and haps like the borleyi or Dolphins, protemelas, nimbochromis etc that will hold there own and swim in open water- I assume you've plenty of rock work peacocks would be inclined to go to the rocks and get bullied by the mbuna potentially getting nipped a lot and not really colouring up. Dems might also find the bigger mbunas too much
  8. 3ftr Id say- footprint more important than capacity
  9. Very cute! BTW-Snowball is common name for a Hypan species. I've heard "Snowflake" used as common name for L142.
  10. Scoby Doby Doo Xmas! Three of the prettiest going around-Nice Going into different tanks?
  11. Thats the plan!- There was talk of using L46 male- that'd be a cool mix All three of the species very similar morphically. She's first time Mum about 4yrs so should be no issues with her being around to cross back with one of her sons. First thing is to get young past the first month. Dad did kick them out a tad early, but that could be because 400 is back camped outside cave.
  12. I'd agree- but still a cool result, and someone had to come up with the good idea which is main thing Check out lighting direction on each, texture and pattern of back ground, and shape of twig. This might explain it better Shot 1 Shot 2: from a few degrees further to the right. Then flipped and joined in the middle to get result. That my guess anyway.
  13. Probably not - I wouldn't see that they would have any real value, and at this stage best to keep them as a closed group I will post pics soon when they get a little bigger. I'm interested which patten dominates
  14. L136 male And saome very old shots of L400 as juvie.my female darker as adult per L066 and l270, but L400 adult size like l136 and L046 Rabbit- Could you pm. Would be dead keen to make contact with other L136. Cheers!
  15. About 20 fry left the cave this weekend. L400XL136- seems to be 2/3 of L400 markings but at 1cm probably to small to tell. Reason for mix-Necessity more than design
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