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low maintenance low tech planted tank build


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haven't had an tank in maybe 5 years but decided to take the plunge again knowing the risk of mts haha

plan with this tank is for to be a low maintenance planted aquarium , with no co2 or too much intense lighting to keep costs down , luckly my favorite plants are all the low light species , java ferns anubias and what not , which dont require as much care as some other species.

The tank is a custom 1000l x 600w x 700 high , two 32mm holes drilled to plumb a fx5 directly to the back of the tank as i didn't want any hoses in the tank , heres some photos of tank , diy 4x2 stand which ill make doors and trim for one day , fx5 plumbed up and driftwood arrangement 




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i decided i also didnt want a heater inside the tank so ordered a inline heater from the uk , was a bit of a mission installing as its only has a 12mm inlet and outlet , and the fx5 has 25mm pipes , couldn't find the right reducer so just used a whole lot of hansen fittings to do it , looks weird and kinda ugly haha but does the job 

i know this must reduce flow a bit , but you dont even notice that with such a big filter on a small tank 



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Next was filling the tank , which i had a few issues with..

spider wood floated so had to tie it all down with rocks , thankfully you cant really seem them and there covered in sand as ideally i did not want any rocks in there.

second issue was one of my bulkheads had a tiny leak!!  i didn't want to drain the whole tank so slapped some silicon on and thankfully it stopped it!




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so here it is currently , kicking myself for buying crypts as its kinda going away from the theme i wanted , so will be selling/swapping them if i can for some anubias 

Running two 39w t5s that seem to light it up rather well but would like to add some led's at some stage for that shimmer effect 



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Between the bend and that inline heater the flow must be reduced a fair bit but I got no way of truly measuring that , just by eye. 

I knew that would be the case and that's why I got an fx5 , anything smaller and I may have had a flow issue

I don't even have the taps on the fx5 fully open , great filters!

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Do you want aprophecy back?

if possible? 


here is an update ,did a rescape , still a few plants to add to fill it in more , also going to add xmas moss when i get some 

removed crypts and now its strictly only plants that will attach to wood and rocks , nothing in the substrate .

just using one 39w 6500k t5 over the tank now as two was too much light , also dosing flourish once a week

current plants are

Philippine java fern  

narrow leaf java fern

congo fern

anubias nana

anubias nana petite 

anubais barteri

anubias minama


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