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    I'd say hybrid, also have seen this sold as otter point but it's definitely not , shape , colour , fin everything wrong
  2. After a number of species , young or adults , I don't mind growing out so pm with what you have and I might be interested , am looking for these species in particular at the moment Lwanda Cobue Lemonjakes
  3. Best photo I could get of him , this things going to be fire when he's older
  4. want to redo my tank so have a heap of plants to sell and a few fish, can ship plants but not fish german blue ram male $20 golden ram breeding pair $40 x3 Siamese algae eaters $20 x4 angel fish , mottled, white , black , silver $20 pleco L140 $30 plants congo fern large clump $50 congo fern small clump $20 narrow leaf java fern $20 clump Philippine java fern 30cm clump $60 anubias minima $25 if your after something specific on here and want a photo please pm me will be going on tm soon if no interest one here can see some photos here http://aquariumworld.nz/forums/topic/44231-low-maintenance-low-tech-planted-tank-build/
  5. Hey I'm after some female albino dragon blood peacocks Fish around 5-7cm preferred Prefer females that's a almost white Not sure if any around ? But worth a try
  6. Looking for some "fancy" plecos for my planted tank , not sure what species I'm after just putting out the feelers to see what people here might have for sale or are breeding that will be up for sale , thinking I'd like a few different species . Would be interested in a l204 flash plec , as I use to have a group and are a favourite of mine Cheers
  7. Thanks , I've purchased a fair amount of mature plants , I'm also dosing flourish once a week
  8. close up shot showing the mix of java fern species , congo fern and anubias
  9. new plants added , xmas moss , large clump of congo fern ,large amounts windelov java fern
  10. Awesome tank !! Also digging those painted panels ! Think I may do the same to mine after seeing yours
  11. if possible? here is an update ,did a rescape , still a few plants to add to fill it in more , also going to add xmas moss when i get some removed crypts and now its strictly only plants that will attach to wood and rocks , nothing in the substrate . just using one 39w 6500k t5 over the tank now as two was too much light , also dosing flourish once a week current plants are Philippine java fern narrow leaf java fern congo fern anubias nana anubias nana petite anubais barteri anubias minama
  12. Bump Still looking for Congo fern and some more anubias Anyone got any to sell?? Cheers
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