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  1. Hey, unfortunately not - pestered the local stores for a while but nothing came up on their lists so moved onto other things let me know if you manage to get your hands on any!
  2. Hi all, I will be looking to get my hands on some of these in a couple of months. They are on the import list, so just wondering if anyone knows how readily available they are from stores, or if anyone here would have some available? cheers!! Matt
  3. This might be too late to be useful, but there are banded kokopu in the waterways of Ataturk Park and Mapuia Park. I believe there is Koura in Mapuia park too
  4. Haha! I had that exact thought myself after I checked another spot today with gambusia and goldies at least this one was the right temp!
  5. Interesting this thread just popped up - I haven't had any fish for over a year, but have recently re-caught the buzz. I always wanted to check out the Reporoa guppy rumour, and today got the chance to jump in at two of the spots shown here. The records are from 1984 though... the streams I was in were nowhere near the 30oC recorded, and I only caught gambusia There is also a post in the forum that is a about 10 years old which mentions they were at Golden Springs... May get a chance to check out a couple of the other spots in the next week or two, but would be interested to know other peoples experiences
  6. interesting content, but could have been presented in a much more engaging manner People like you and me that are interested enough to read it all probably know most of it anyway
  7. took this photo mainly for the eggs, the colouring was darker if you looked more from the top. as you can see, the 'colour' is just deposits in the shell, with the shrimp being mostly clear still. the gold bits were down the 'nose' and at the joins of the tail segments. Got a bit darker than this, but not much. going back to what DR A said about females - In my experience it is normally the bigger ones (therefore probably female) that are more likely to get some pigmentation like this. Being older could mean more time to accumulate pigment between sheds?
  8. there was this hilariously bland one: I certainly feel educated :yawnn: they have them at the national aquarium as well
  9. M@.


    My red fins have spawned for the last two years. Haven't attempted to raise the fry - in a mixed natives tank so ended up as snacks very cool to watch the different breeding behaviour though
  10. pretty much to do with diet I think Had a couple of bigger females go nearly completely black with gold bits when I had an outbreak of black hair algae - looked awesome! What Dr A said about pink - normally cause they have been slightly cooked by the temp change. If it doesn't kill them they will go back to clear over time
  11. I have an older Eheim 100 - looks identical to the new ones in shops. I find it is only a little bit quieter than my small Blue Planet one My Eheim also died on me - Opened it up and the magnet had broken off the arm that works the diaphragm. Still need to get round to gluing it back on, but should work fine if I do... that might be what is up with yours Vervo
  12. http://vimeo.com/85034604#at=186 awesomely clear water
  13. yes they do as I understand it - more protien when they are small, then getting more and more plant based as they grow bigger. Mine also loves algae wafers
  14. :gopo: :iag: don't double up on that social media content!
  15. RE: catch and release - Most of the rules are set up out of concern for the introduced sports fish :roll: so catching and then releasing back into the same waterway is fine (think a trout fisherman catching a trout, posing for photos and then releasing). But you cannot transfer the fish to another natural waterway, or put it back where you got it from if you have held it in a tank or pond. Basically if there is a risk what you are doing might introduce something new (disease, etc) to the waterway you can’t do it. If you clean your nets and dry them out completely before fishing in a new waterway you will avoid any potential contamination or transfer that way too I’m not too sure what you will find in you area, but always keen to help ID anything you might find
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