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I do think they can be found in a few mangrove swamps but their quite rare and unless you could turn a whole section of you back yard in to a make shift mangrove swamp they would be very unhappy in captivity

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I had three in a 400 litre tank, well 200 litres really as it was half land in a paludarium type setting.

They were all quite quick to accept a massive variety of food even skipping over the deeper water to steal food off the surface.

Two killed one in the first month, then I had two survive together for about 6 months with intermittent fighting between them then eventually the bigger one won.

Then I had one left who survived for close to another three years with no problems until one morning I found him dead. No idea what went wrong with him but these fish are all wild caught and all three were full grown when I got them so who knows how old they were.

In short these guys are really aggressive and I think I had three males. I've watched a different species of mudskipper in asia and the males there were maintaining a "territory" of about two meters not letting any other males anywhere near but allowing females in. And from I've read I think the ones we get here are similar.

So I think next to nobody gives them enough room in captivity but I would like to see what happens with a good sex ratio.

These really are one of my all time favorites though and if I get another chance with them them I would be severely tempted to go all out with a huge tidal tank in my garage.

Oh and in the past importers and people shipping them around NZ have killed lots through shipping them in bags completely full of water so they basically drown, their gills can't handle permanent immersion for hours now having evolved for the exact opposite :roll:

Think theres still a picture of one of mine on the fnzas past POTM winners way back.

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