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Surprise! Baby ottos


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Right so cleaning out my tank and who do I happen to find on the glass but a little stripped fry.... who's was it?

well definitely not the Neon tetras so would have to be my pair of ottos.

Got them a month or so ago and with in a few days it was obvious I have a male and female but didn't think I could breed them so left it. But low and behold they managed to do it any way =)

So now the Neons are going and I am going to just let them do their thing till I have to many for the little tank.

As this is my first time really breeding them any tips you have would be greatly appriciated. Not really wanting to be to hands on with them more a less just leave them to their own devise.

They are in a fluval edge 23L with a decent sized java fern on wood and a few stones which I will swap out for some with more algae over time. Have also covered the out take with a sponge to stop fry going to a ride.

When I get them and can work out my camera there will be photos to follow.

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Have just looked at the tank and there are a dozen or so eggs on the top glass :happy2:

Here's hoping more than one are fertile .

Trying to get the photos on to the laptop but may take some time. stay tuned...

P.S. I have been feeding the parents on Alpha One vege wafers but have noticed that the last one I put in there a day ago has just been left to go off. suggestions?

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Haha nice. Yea I had that happen with a group of Angles.

checked on the eggs today and at least 6 have what seems to be black dots forming so hoping that means their a 6 new fish for tha tank.

Saw the fry again today. He looks like a bristlenose fry but gray like the parents with a few black stripes.

All this is making me what to set up all my tanks again lol :facepalm:

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Waterlogged - this is excellent news!!

Be sure to keep a log of what you do and what you feed as well. I might be wanting an article from you for the AW magazine. :) Oh and be sure to take plenty of good photos :bounce:

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I am having so much trouble trying to first get pics of the little guys and then loading them on to my useless net book I have just given up for now.

And I don't know how much....

they're way to small to sell yet but probs be round like $10 since their like $20ish in stores.

Or will just trade in for stuff like plants

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