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my guppy female burst!


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That is crazy! She actually split open?! I didn't believe that could actually happen!

Sorry for your loss :( I will make sure I watch my prego females if they are getting too big...I don't know how I could help them though!

Yeah, did the babies get out?

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I advise culling any babies that survived. You never know but it may be genetic.

Apparently they do that now with farm animals that have difficult births, it just keeps the genes that cause the problems in the herd. Humans have been doing caesarians for so long on women that could not get the baby out, so now we are more likely to have problems.

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hi guys sorry comp was down, no none of the fry survived it , maybe thats a good thing though. none of my other females have done this so maybe there was too many fry or something,they were certainly big enough to be born though.hopefully it was a one time thing! :(

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