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    Native fish geek, ecologist, science communicator and author of 'A Photographic Guide to Freshwater Fishes of New Zealand' and 'The New Zealand Native Freshwater Aquarium'.

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  1. I'm also after photos of native garden ponds (or at least ponds surrounded by native plants that look like native ponds!!) I don't suppose anyone knows how to contact 'Preacher', a member here from way back who made a stunning native pond? I can't even remember his real name it was that long ago.
  2. Hello again! Wow, it is such a long time since I have been here! In my defense, a motorhome really isn't a suitable place for keeping aquaria. The water lands on the bed when you drive around a corner.... Here's the exciting bit: I am currently revising y book, The New Zealand Native Freshwater Aquarium, for publication as a second edition, due out in October. I want to replace some of the photos with better ones, or add others to illustrate different things. I am wondering if anyone has photos of their native aquaria that I could use? They need to be of a display-quality tank, with no exotic plants or fish, and with natural decor, well lit and without uncroppable reflections on the glass. The photos themselves need to be large, in focus. Within, that, I am open to anything! Even photos of parasites and diseases are useful. Also underwater photos in the wild. As long as they are suitably focussed etc for publication in a book. If I use your photo/s, I can offer you fame (all photos will be credited) and a free copy of the book. The rest of you will just have to wait until October Stella
  3. Nope, they didn't hatch. They were fertile and started developing, but slowly died off. I suspect water quality as they were a rather new and small emergency tank, but it was a long time ago.
  4. Wow, that was a long time ago! Have you only just resurfaced? Ok, admittedly I have been missing in action for a couple of years now... However I may have some exciting book news this time tomorrow.....!
  5. :lol: terribly sorry about that, Caryl! Don't worry, the next one will be much harder to lose. A big thick coffee-table style book, doing real justice to Rod Morris' photos which will be in almost every spread, with the text exploring the native fish fauna as a whole - chapters on habitat, migration, reproduction, diet, biogeography/phylogeny, behaviour, parasites and diseases, and a comparison of the 'themes' of the native fish fauna compared with the world. You will be able to order it in about fifty years time when I emerge from my study with the completed epic tome, frail and blinking in the bright light :sage:
  6. Another option for those who can't get it yet (and those who want to help those who can't get it yet), is to put in a request at your local public or school library. Most libraries grab any NZ books, so you needn't worry you are ordering something strange and obscure
  7. :happy2: Caryl, evenings I am parked by the river north of Motueka, days I am parked at DOC but I am out driving somewhere nearbyish. Just text me and we shall meet up. Looking forward to seeing you again! Li@m, like a fine wine, I am sure it will be better by then
  8. Thanks so much, guys! :love: Calculator, you most definitely need to add it to your christmas wish list! To assist your loved ones in making this wish come true, Fishpond has still got the best price: $23.74 *including postage* (RRP is $25.99) :cr11:
  9. Thank you! They treated it as a test and now want me back next year in a regularish (once every month or so, I think) slot yabbering on about native fish! :sage:
  10. :lol: I initially thought your Anguilla australis was a spotted longfin! Took a wee while to see the actual eels.
  11. And a radio interview of me enthusing about native fish: http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/nights/audio/2575760/on-the-spot Sorry I haven't been around here much in the last year! Aquaria don't work so well when living in a campervan. I may get a bit more involved in the aquarium side of things soon as Zealandia is wanting to renovate their approach to native fish and is seeking my advice. I will get back into aquaria one day when the idea of living in house without wheels doesn't disturb me so much. Meanwhile, I have plans for my third book on native fish...
  12. The intensity of coloration is highly variable. It relates to the colour and size of the substrate and the amount of light penetrating the stream. Even within one tank (5000L tank at te manawa, Palmerston North) the redfins that made their home at the sandy end of the tank were distinctively speckly compared to those that lived in the other two thirds of the tank amongst rocks and large gravel!
  13. Lucky!! Mine always spawned at night or in awkward places I couldn't see into.
  14. Fascinating, and off to a really great start! I look forward to updates as it progresses. :spop: Have you found preacher's threads on his native pond?
  15. Smells way better than nets the day after you have handled ells! Urgh. I always think kokopu have a lovely earthy smell, but it is something I never think to sniff at t he time, only realise it later. Anyone else noticed a kokopu smell?
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