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  1. Hey I'm new to breeding cat fish just doing it for some fun and just so I can say I have done that I have a male and female both big enough to breed now this is what I need help with how do I make them get busy with each other help please
  2. Hi there I'm keen to buy them are u able to post or send me some photos of the males please and where is pick up ?
  3. im heading back to Auckland from Taupo in the next few days and I'm after some nice big females and some sexy males will pay cash
  4. Is there any where in the north island where u can go and catch your own Guppys from a lake or river
  5. as the tile says I'm after some big females and some sexy males in the Taupo area will pay
  6. I'm just want to know is there a link or a good book that I can have a look at I'm just wanting to know what stage of being preg are my Guppys at?
  7. i need some help please which silicon is aquarium safe please help
  8. Just needing a tube of aquarium safe silicon which can I use which is cheap as I have a crack in the bottom of a tank don't think it lacks but just want to cover in silicon to be safe bat which one can I use ?
  9. Well the two fish died do u think I should still treat
  10. Can it spread to my other fish if not treated
  11. Yeah they are feeding and eating like normal and yes I have fry but I don't suspect it is from them can I just fed them blood worms to fatten them up ? And how do I work if that's the problem
  12. I have got two or three guppy females they were pregnant I think and dropped and now are skinny how do I fatten them up blood worms or will they just come right
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