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  1. Thanks Adrienne, that's what I was thinking as well.
  2. Hi folks! Have any of you had any experience keeping a sorority of 4 or 5 females in a 10 gallon long? I was under the impression that if you got 4 or 5 sisters from the same spawn when they're young that you should be fine in a 10g. However, I've seen mixed opinions about this online regarding whether a 10g or a 20g should be the minimum for a sorority. Thanks! Dev
  3. Wow! I've hardly ever had any problem with my Eheim filters. I've used their canisters as well as the internal pickup variants and I've been more than happy. I find they aren't the best if you're looking for crystal clear water, but as a biological filter I have 0 complaints. The only Eheim filters I personally can't stand are their Aquaball ones, they really do get clogged after hardly any use. :\ They've got ones out now called biopower that look similar, haven't tried them though as I was so disappointed with the Aquaball...
  4. https://trademe.co.nz/984861068 What a clear out! Always get a little sad when I see these types of listing.
  5. Awesome! Thanks for that. Are they quiet enough for a room aquarium?
  6. Hi VINZ! The only freshwater shrimp we have in New Zealand are natives, so it's illegal to sell them. So the only way to acquire them is by catching them! - Dev
  7. Would be impossible to clean as well. Just a completely off the wall thought: what if you found a crystal clear epoxy and managed to (miraculously) attach the pane without any air bubbles? Would that theoretically work?
  8. Hi guys! Have any of you had any experience with the Aqua One Aquis Canister Filters? You can see them here on HFF's website. I can't find any information, reviews, or even forum posts about them. Are they known as a different name elsewhere? - Dev
  9. I had to rush the scaping of the new tank last night, we had a family dinner to attend which left me with one hell of a time limit. However, I wanted to get my Gourami out of the other tank as he was being a little terror... So as of this morning this is how I'm looking...have a lot of growing in to do and discovered that I had some BBA on the back of one of my pieces of driftwood that is now facing the front. So will pickup some Excel next time I'm out to hopefully nip that in the bud. Overall, it still has a lot of growing in to do!
  10. it was certainly an eye opener. I'm kind of uncomfortable about my other second hand tank now. :(
  11. Well I went to bunnings first thing today and got a couple 2x4s cut for bracing. Then spent the morning with level getting the desktop level as possible before running to HFF in Albany and grabbing a new tank. So the silver lining was an excuse for a bigger tank. Though I certainly don't want a repeat. I also learned at HFF that not having Styrofoam under the old tank probably doomed me further. The more you know!
  12. So I was woken up tonight by a very loud POP noise and immediately jumped out of bed to check the two aquariums in my room. Quickly found that my 20 gallon had a huge crack around the left curved front, so ran outside and ran a hose in through my window. Then set to work trying to save what fish I could. I lost all of my Kuhli Loaches as they freaked out and burrowed in when I got the net out. I guess by the time I got the plants out and managed to get them out I'd stressed them to death. None of my neons made it either. It's a pretty ratty feeling losing so many fish, but I'm so so so happy that the sound of the tank cracking woke me up as it was cascading water out of the cracks. Do the tanks with the curved front edges have a greater chance of cracking? Looks like the crack started right in the middle of the curve. The tank was slightly unlevel due to it being on a corner / L-Shaped desk. Was also bought used, so no telling what it went through before I had it. Ah well...going back to bed I guess...what a crappy night. :\ - Dev
  13. Devrens

    Sell me!

    Do they have interesting personalities or more like a livebearer?
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