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  1. DSL http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_subscriber_line
  2. as long as you don't ask $500 per tadpole I would like to have a go (you never know, maybe it is something in your water... )
  3. Do it man, I am still keen to get some. I will even take tadpoles so you don't have the hassle with bringing them up and pay for their education...
  4. why does rosemary, garlic and red win sauce come to my mind when I see these pictures ?
  5. +1 (or one with a junk food addiction)
  6. now you got my attention. who do you know who knows that the apricots tree at the shore of Lake Benmore is mine ?
  7. holly cwap, that looks stunning, well done
  8. Willkommen in Neuseeland, wenn Du von dem 'rat race' fluechten willst und das Wahre Neuseeland sehen, komm in den Sueden, Central Otago is the place to be.
  9. it was just an observation as I didn't know that system, in the land I came from we got the papers delivered at home by mail, filled them out, placed everything into a sealed, neutral envelope with no numbers, names or symbols on it and on election day we put that envelope into the box. no Ira, I am not, I am one of two in ten
  10. just came back from party vote ... I didn't know that it is possible to figure out who voted for which party. (who has the interest to figure that out in the first place ?) every person enrolled gets a number, the number is the page in the enrolment book of your district and the line on the same page (where your name and address is). the person in the voting office writes your number on the upper part of the voting paper which has a red printed consecutive number on it, the same number is also on the part he tears off and hands out to you (there the red number is covered by a black sticker which can be scraped off). so it is possible to find out exactly which person voted for which party. didn't know voting in NZ is public...
  11. any news ? how is the Axolotl doing ? still floating ?
  12. sorry to come in that late, haven't seen this thread before. how is your Axolotl doing ? the fridge is a good place for your Axolotl right now although it shouldn't be too cold. take two food save plastic container with a good lid. put only as much water in one so your Axolotl will not float or turn around on his back. don't feed him at all for now. assuming its a clear plastic container also cover or wrap a towel around the plastic container so your Axolotl does not get a heart attack each time you are opening the fridge. keep enough fresh water in a bottle for a daily water change (keep the water in the fridge so it has the same temperature). try to do the water change daily as there are lots of bacteria in and around your Axolotl at the moment. fill the 2nd plastic container as described above and put your Axolotl in and back in to the fridge (try to touch your Axolotl as little as possible, always clean your hands first and only touch it with wet hands). then thoroughly clean the been used plastic container with cold water and no soap or detergent. it is recommended to use a new sponge, one who hasn't been used with soap or detergent before. you could also slightly salt the water with iodine free table salt. the ratio is a tee spoon to 10 litre of water. some questions I would like you to answer. - what is the water temperature in your Axolotl tank ? - how many Axolotl do you keep together in the tank ? - do you keep fish or other animals with your Axolotl(s) ? - what have you been feeding your Axolotl ? would it be possible for you to take a picture of your Axolotl and post it here to see ? (or you can email it to me if that is easier)
  13. aotealotl

    Name that fish

    I was looking for the Platinum Silver Arowana, very expensive fish but I end it here as no one else is asking any more and you probably already got it anyway. Bravo, your turn Silverdollarboy2. sorry LA, I know you came up with Arowana first but you also mentioned Peacock bass in the same question.
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