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  1. Thanks for this info - I had no idea there has been a 1 year gap in any communication from HBAS. There have been several occasions where we did receive communication from the FNZAS, discussed it at club meetings or committee meetings and instructed our secretary to send a response as per our minutes. Upon checking with our secretary he confirmed having sent the information. We will now have to invsetigate what has gone wrong and why you never received our replies. Please be assured the lack of communication from the HBAS is for some reason other than the club deliberately not responding - I know the HBAS is keen to participate in the FNZAS activities. I'll follow this up and let you know the outcome out of the public forum...
  2. Instead of being bloody difficult you could have stated this when I first raised the issue - nice, good on you. Instead you string me along for some reason - not a very good look for the FNZAS Secretary... Thanks for finally answering my initial concern - and thanks Caryl for responding - level headed as usual. If it hadn't been for your reply... I'm glad to be proven wrong as it means the AGM can proceed as planned. I've checked with a couple of HBAS members and the resolution correspondence was never raised at our committee or general meetings. This is an internal matter for us to deal with. Had I known about the resolution at the time it was sent out I would have supported it and recommended to the HBAS it be accepted.
  3. There is not time to discuss it with the HBAS committee before the FNZAS AGM. For some reason you are being incredibly short-sighted about what could be a very serious issue affecting the validity of the upcoming AGM. It would be very stupid of the FNZAS to directly ignore an issue raised which is intended to help ensure the recent proposed change is actually valid and cannot be contested by anyone in the future. Given the time frame it's not practical to go via the HBAS and you should be treating the issue with consdierably more seriousness than you are. Treat the matter as official and urgent correspondence directly to the committee - this is possible and a club need not be involved. You could be wasting a lot of peoples time and money travelling to Dunedin if the AGM is legally deemed to be null and void at a later date. It's the FNZAS duty to treat this as a serious matter and failure to do so questions the committee integrity. Now the issue is raised you have to ensure you are not breaching your own constitution. Ignore it if you wish but if it comes back to bite you in the arse later you were warned... It's now up to you as I'm having no further input into the matter.
  4. Not sure if the HBAS actually responded - Adrienne would know if they did or not. I missed the Feb meeting and the resolution/remit has not been raised at any HBAS committee meeting I'm aware of (yes I'm on the committee). My first response yesterday was the first I knew about the resolution/remit. Irrespective of whether the HBAS responded or not, it's been noticed now with little time left before the scheduled AGM so what does the FNZAS plan to do about it?
  5. I'm not going to do that - you've been advised there is a potential issue and whether you take action to make sure the FNZAS is not legally exposed or not is up to the FNZAS committee. If you choose to do nothing about it I will not lose any sleep over it. Also, by the time you get the response from the HBAS since we had our meeting last night it will be end of next month - after the AGM. However, it's probably a bit pig-headed of the FNZAS to ignore the possibility they have accidentally breached their own constitution and really should be taking this pretty seriously given the coming AGM could be ruled null and void if it's not sorted out prior - your call and risk. You should at least discuss it given the importance and timing...
  6. Thanks for the documents. The wording of the document and its filename are confusing. The document is titled 'Resolution' but the document states it is a 'Remit'. As per clause 27, remits are to be considered at the AGM only otherwise clause 27 would state a remit can be considered any time of the year. Because the document has been titled 'remit' the vote can only be considered at the AGM. It's clear however the intent was to actually create a 'resolution' which can be considered any time and the mistake has been made putting the word 'remit' on the documentation. I'm not legal savy enough to know whether this causes a legality problem with what has been done or not. I suggest you get the legality of the method used and whether having included the word 'remit' causes a problem so as to protect the decision, then discuss and document it into your next meeting minutes. It may be as simple as stating the intent was to create a resolution rather than a remit and ask all affiliated societies to accept it... Hopefully it pretty easy to sort out.
  7. Looks like what you are actually trying to do is this: ALTERATION TO THE CONSTITUTION 39. This Constitution shall not be altered, added to, or rescinded except by the following procedure: (a) Any Society may by resolution recommend to the Federation through their delegates proposals for the amending of the Constitution. Such proposals must be submitted to the Federation Secretary in writing. (b) Upon receipt of such resolution the Federation Secretary shall send copies of such resolution to all Societies. © The resolution will be considered by the Federation after a period of two months has elapsed after copies have been sent to Societies and the proposals shall be ratified and written into the Constitution if a majority of the Federation approves them. In this case you must remove the word 'Remit' from all correspondence and the wording of any documents sent to the clubs and refer to it only as a 'Resolution' or it will need to follow the proper remit process. The word remit stuffs up the process of a what is actually a resolution in this case. Have you received a majority response yet? Having not seen the 'resolution' yet I can only guess it's to change the date of the AGM in the constitution to allow it to happen in April or some other date range to give more flexibility than the current rather rigid 'June' requirement. If you still only have 2 replies then you'd best get a majority of clubs to agree to the change pronto or the Constitution will not get changed in time to allow the AGM to proceed at the planned April 12th date...
  8. Please check the FNZAS constitution: 27. All remits to be considered at the Annual General Meeting shall be forwarded by the Societies to the Federation Secretary by the 14th day of March in each year or such later date as may be agreed upon by the Executive. The Federation Secretary shall thereupon cause a list of all such remits to be sent to all Societies within 14 days. There is no need for any club to respond with their vote until the AGM where their delegate will present the vote of their club. Could you please resend the remit details to the HBAS secretary as he has yet to table this information at a meeting. Maybe you could also email to me so I can push it along...
  9. Did you guys miss the bit in the FNZAS constitution about the 'AGM is to be held in June' (clause 24)? I'm not sure what happens from a legal perspective if the constitution is ignored and the AGM goes ahead at a different date - does it void the meeting outcome? Has someone checked?
  10. 24V 10A = 240W so a decent sized transformer. If the output is being rectified to DC you'll need to allow for the increased RMS due to the very peaky rectifier current. Given the next frame size up from 250VA is 500VA you'll be looking at $100+ Do you want 24V 10A AC or 24VDC at 10A? If it's 24VDC at 10A then the above applies + you'll also need about 18VAC as rectified, allowing for diode drops and under load this will come out at about 24VDC (depending on the VA, transformer regulation and the impedance of the filter caps). You may be better off with a switchmode supply - more expensive but nicely regulated and PFC...
  11. Yay, do you need any help? Sorry to hear nobody in Auckland can be bothered with having a club...
  12. Sorry, as usual you are mis-informed. I never left... You must only be able to climb very small and very few steps or are you now just looking for excuses? You seem typical of so many who are prepared to make a big noise but do bugger all to actually help. Shall I'll expect your membership application shortly then - no, well best you keep quiet unless you have something constructive to add.
  13. Sounds like you need to join an affiliated society and step up to the plate. Put your money where your mouth is...
  14. Yeah, dead straight with big loads is very difficult to do cheaply and requires big steel with lots of legs and bracing. I thought the beams you were talking about were rated at 2400kg each so 4800kg total. Is the rating on them actually for the pair? If so then I've seen many of these racking systems seriously overloaded!! At my old job the stores would put 2 pallets of batteries on each shelf totaling about 3000kg. Sounds like they were pushing it a bit!!
  15. Have you ever seen the bend in this type of racking system with 3000kg evenly distributed across 2 x 2400kg bearers? It's around 7-8mm sag in the middle - way too much for an aquarium. You want less than 0.1mm or the load will start to appear on the glass and silicone. At 0.25mm bend almost 100% of the force is on the glass and silicone and 0% on the bearer.
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