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  1. Ok. Pmd you. I did contact an award winning landscape designer, and he came to look, but never came back to me.
  2. I'd like to build a pond in my front garden for some gold fish. I like the design of the raised pond in the Lady Norwood Gardens ( inside the greenhouse, which isi stocked with tropicals I think ), but that one is massive. Is there someone who specializes in pond building in Wellington?
  3. This is probably going to be a lot cheaper .. no seat though http://solowheel.com/ Oops, spoke too soon. Honda added a seat
  4. I lost all my windelov to this. I removed it and put it into a tank by itself and a few months later it started to regrow from the rhizome. But still a pale shadow of its former self.
  5. I thought gouramis were like bettas ... males fight.
  6. Bit tricky with trees, but with sub irrigation containers, you only need to water once a week or fortnight
  7. Or, you could get some exercise and use a watering can
  8. They're snow peas. Developed by the Dutch in 1536. Yes, not a bean which has a solid stalk.
  9. If you were thinking of using a gravity fed irrigation system, I'd be concerned about fish gunk blocking the holes. As it is, my water can gets blocked and I need to clean the perforations. The popular thing it seems these days is to conserve water by using sub irrigation techniques. You put the fish water into a reservoir under the plant roots and the soil absorbs by capillary action to allow the roots access. This is a planter box from the warehouse purchased during a special On the right front corner I have a black pipe that goes to the reservoir at the bottom to feed the fish water. Irrigation from the top is avoided to prevent nutrients washing out of the soil into the reservoir, and to avoid watering weeds and compacting the soil. These days I would use an inverted plastic drink bottle with a flap cut from the bottom of the bottle as a natural funnel, and since the bottom remains there it prevents mozzies from breeding inside the water. This design has a hole to empty the water but no overflow. I drilled one myself so that the plants don't drown when it rains. Unfortunately I hadn't banked on the strong December Wgton wind which broke a few of these beans .. some of which I have cellotaped back together
  10. I bought a largish bucket (50L or so) to hold all the water from my water changes. This nitrate rich water is then used to water the veges, and all the indoor plants. When all this water has all been consumed, I then do another water change to fill her up again!
  11. I'm sure that there are leaf miners as well ... are they responsible for all the holes as well as the tracks? I've been using some dish washing soap spray ... just a little as too much and my fish will be in trouble! These are much smaller than spider mites, and no webs.
  12. Interesting though these things are not behaving like mites which colonise the undersurface of the leaf. I think I need to get one of those USB microscopes to get some good pictures of them without being damaged during collection.
  13. Flake food is high in phosphate. Can you change to something else?
  14. Cool. I hadn't realised what those trails were ... so once the weather improves I'll be out there squashing them. I don't think the spots are a deficiency as I also have some plants in the deep water culture that are protected by plastic cups, and their leaves are fine. No holes. So, I need to find the bugs responsible.
  15. Actually I'm beginning to wonder if it's just some type of plant material that has been blown in and landed on the leaves ...
  16. Sorry, the eye piece is 10x and the lens is 10x, so the magnification is 100x.
  17. Ripcord is a synthetic pyrethroid so I can't use this as it's too risky for the fish.
  18. Sure. Here's a picture of the bok choy. You can see a few on the left leaf and lots of tiny fenestrations. Guessing they work for Microsoft.
  19. Me too. That's why I was thinking LA was suggesting I seek the aid of Ellen Ripley. But looks like he's suggesting http://www.animalhealthdirect.co.nz/Ani ... ol/Ripcord Wonder if this is fish safe ... don't want the goldies to croak.
  20. Try as I mite, I wasn't able to identify the beggars. Part of the problem is that I am collecting them in a tissue and legs fall off so not sure how many they have to start with. That link only goes down to 6 legs. Interesting though.
  21. This is what they look like on the zucchini leaf .. lots of tiny red dots I collected some fresh specimens and they have segmented legs.
  22. Does photobucket have an account here? Perhaps a PM might be more effective.
  23. Got tiny red spot like things drilling holes in my bok choy in my aquaponics system. They didn't seem to move and using a hand lens I can't resolve any details. These pictures were taken using iTouch through the eye piece of a 10x microscope. I don't have a camera attachment Anyone know what these things are?
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