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  1. I had a couple more leaves start going brown so quickly removed them. No sign of brown leaves for about a month now.
  2. Since I have started this post I have been in contact with Raymond "lotofish" who has helped me stop the spread of this terrible disease. I stopped CO2 and fertiliser and performed a 50% water change. Then I removed my java ferns one by one and diligently removed all the leaves that showed signes of brown. Before placing them back in the tank I rinsed them under tap water. I have been monitoring the plants for the last 5 days and they all seem to be doing well, no sign of the brown plague :thup: Thanks Raymond
  3. Hi, I have a tank with standard, narrow and windelov java fern. The tank is 150 litres with a thin layer of red grit at the bottom. All the java fern is growing on driftwood. Temperature is 25C, pH is 6.8, Amonia is 0ppm, Nitrate is 0ppm and I do weekly 30% water changes. I add Flourish twice a week but no CO2. The broad leaf and narrow leaf are doing well but 20% of the Windelov leaves are staring to go brown. I had this problem before and it spread like a virus to all the java fern. Any one know what I can do to stop this.
  4. Hi If you have not already purchased your lights you may want to get in contact with a trader on trade me called valray. They have listed the Key LED lights. I bought the 80D freshwater model from them 4 months ago and it is a great unit. I think the guys name is Raymond and he is a member of FNZAS but do not know his details. He had the 80cm, 60cm and 40cm marine lights at one stage and was able to change the colour configuration of the led chips for me. Thats when I was thinking of starting a marine tank. Seems all too difficult to me at the moment so I will stay with my small 250L planted tank. Good luck with your setup, I might brave the leap to marine one day.
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