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    Fish/fishing/eating fish...um breeding fish, mermaids you get the idea
  1. For those who wont be drinking i can HIGHLY recomend the Mac's fejoa and pear fizzy drink its so delish but you have to have it really cold.It's in supermarkets and they come in a 4 pack and the bottles look like the mac's beer so was surprised to see they where non alchaholic. If you like fejoa you will LOVE this. merry xmas everyone keep safe.
  2. yea i agree when you look at the container of fish food beside it there is no way that tank is 300ltrs for a second hand tank that size i would pay maximum of $80 but thats just me maybe others would pay more.
  3. Sharkie

    What Tetra?

    they arnt tetras but the asian rummy nose stay small and the males are very good looking and a big group would look brilliant! i got 9 yesterday and will look at getting another 20 or so.
  4. i have 2 kids a boy and a girl the girl is more weird than the boy as shes into make up and shoes and things the boy has his own issues but as far as weird goes they are the wierdest iv kept. :roll:
  5. Sharkie


    thanks i have the goldfish bowl has some as well but rob beat me to them and there is only females left :an!gry
  6. Sharkie


    Hey just wandering if anyone has seen any of the sawba rasbora's or also called the asian rummynose?
  7. maybe its only old to a certain age group :slfg: i had never heard it before either very good. :happy2:
  8. wow there very cool i would get some if so but i doubt it.
  9. i think with the mo but if you look at all the pic's he looks happiest when he has his beard.
  10. my maTE has made one and you can see on his phone whats running temp ph etc got all this info pretty amazuing and he can turn things on and off from his phone dont ask me how he done it.
  11. Rainbows rainbows rainbows lol .....yes i do like them.
  12. I took mine straight from the water and it was fine and after only a couple of weeks i could see new shoots coming out on it spose just different people have different experiences and also under different conditions.
  13. it dosnt take long for it to hold so you could also use a pin through the main stem and into the wood i used small black cable ties and just cut them off soon as it had achored itself
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