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    Fishing, camping and sims :)
  1. mcrudd

    The What's Up? thread.

    Well done, wish I could do it. I am post surgery now, so hating life right now :yaw2:
  2. and https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=102773129737224
  3. It says for Moms that are too tired to wash floors :bggrn:
  4. hahaha what a twist with the two different captions :bggrn:
  5. mcrudd

    The What's Up? thread.

    Doing a happy dance while I pack the boat, we are going firshing at 3pm Yay :fshi:
  6. We had one hedgehog in our yard for a while and then one day I saw this hedgehog walking in the middle of the road, so I placed him at the side and he was in the middle again, so I placed him the other side and he went to the middle again, so I picked him up and carried him to our back yard, we have lots of fruit trees and placed him there under a lot of wood we had stacked there. Yesterday the kids called me and told me to look, there is a whole family of hedgehogs in our yard now, no idea if they moved here or is the making of the two in our yard LOL I have a cat, but she stays clear of them, she watches them but never stalks or attacks
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