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  1. I am about to regret selling brutus!
  2. I see. Ok good to know. I am looking at converting my 5 foot to a snake neck tank.
  3. http://www.chelonia.org/articles/easternlongneck.htm
  4. henward

    Sock Washing

    i have been using socks for 3 years now, i find that they last in my tank approx 6 months then i have to replace as they start to get more and more particulates go through. as for getting them like now, you cant, as you clean them, the filtration capability diminishes. i also found that spraying from the outside back in is better and lets them last longer. just my observation. also you dont wanna pray too hard core cos that damages the sock, the sock works better also when it is a little bit dirty- traps finer particulates. i just take them out, spray outside then a light rought spray inside to get rid of the big chunks.
  5. henward

    ID PLS:

    i aint buyin it!
  6. henward

    ID PLS:

    I think so too! but he claims its a 'rare' and imported L333! if it is, ill take some, but however, the stripes resemble a choc zebra, a relatively common plec small too
  7. henward

    ID PLS:

    Apparently, http://www.trademe.co.nz/pets-animals/f ... 026693.htm this is an L333 http://www.planetcatfish.com/common/spe ... es_id=1024 I do not believe so, seems like a common type of pleco. Could someone help me out?
  8. I am l ooking at the following http://www.ebay.com/itm/150-MICRON-POLY ... 6547552%26 anyone used this before? I believe it would be easier to clean than the felt variety. does it filter as well as the felt ones? I figure, if its the same micron, should be ok.
  9. $2500 actually isnt so much if yo uthink about it. An ultima filter is 2k nzd for a good sized one, 800 to 1k for a smaller one. all they do is what your sump does but more efficient. a self cleaning barrel is very good to have. no consumables, no cleaning, and stuff in the sock that further decomposes also compromises your water quality in time if left long enough. each to their own though, i owuld buy one if i had the cash:D never again buy socks, never again clean the socks. just feed, feed feed! and press a button in my case 3 to 5 times a week to change water!!! ideal!
  10. My two and a half cents. i use a 100 micron and been doin so for a long time, i have had 8 rotating 100 miron socks, 4 at a time in my set up, the media is no where near dirty enough to clean yet, and my water is quite clear. filter wool is much coarser than 100micron but that polishes up the water nicely. 100 micron is plenty, i ried 50, but thta clogs very fast. and the clarity reward ratio to cleaning ws not enough. as for 1 micron, i believe that will clog rapidly and will require pressure to push water through? i mean, if it traps even parasites, heck - you cant even see that and your filter will clog pretty quickly. i agree with david though, to say that 50 or 40 micron is too coarse, frankly i find that ridiculous, canister filters will never provide more than 50 micron if they are lucky - but that is very succesful in keeping aquariums.
  11. Awesom! I want! I am all about efficienc. If i had anoth erbig tank, i would consi der it.
  12. I suppose that'sfair. My concept was quite general. But uunderstani ng ow the bio filterworks is the key.. I always prefer a vast amount of media.
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