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  1. Sorry, I didn't check back here for a couple of days. (Busy with exams at the moment.) I will get hold of you if i need to, after I've talked to my auntie. I don't know anything about turtles. It wasn't found near any water or anything, which is why I assumed it was a lost pet.
  2. My auntie found a turtle on our farm in Bombay. I haven't been around to check it out yet, but they bought food from the pet shop, so at least its been fed. I thought, I'd come back here because I am unsure what they should do now and I thought some one here might offer a ~professional~ opinion. (I really don't want them to keep it, because they aren't exactly the kind of people who would properly care for it. Not in a bad way, just that they wouldn't know what to do or want to do any research) Are there any places where people might advertise a missing turtle? What should they do next if they don't find the owner? (Find it a home? SPCA?) Thanks heaps.
  3. Yeah, I bought a couple from him before and it is ages away. They are nice fish though; kind of big, but that isn't too much of a problem.
  4. There is a guy on trade me with some rather nice fighters. I tried breeding them mid last year, but I gave up because I didn't have the time required to do it successfully with school and everything. I'd love to try again one day, but right now, I'm in the middle of moving houses and don't have any fish tanks running. They are my still favourite fish though and I'd hate to see all the quality lines die out here.
  5. Just wondering what fish enjoy a strong current. I need some fish for my 70L semi-planted tank that can tolerate a lot of current. I currently just have a small school of harlequins. Thanks
  6. Yes, They do. I buy mine second hand of trade me, although you should be able to buy them from pet shops as well?
  7. I don't like rugby, but all the all blacks matches that I've been dragged along to have been amazing. The atmosphere is just crazy... especially in the build up to the world cup. And I think it cool that the world cup is everywhere. I love walking down ailses in the supermarket and seeing all the world cup stuff; water, weetbix, nutragrain, nappies, bagels, chips, powerade, coke... or driving down the moterway and counting a trillion flags, or going into a gas station and seeing all the teams flags hanging from the roof. It is exciting and it isn't often things like this happen in New Zealand, so we should all just enjoy it whilst it lasts instead of complaining the entire time.
  8. I only have Sims 3 now. All the old Sims went when I got my laptop...
  9. Most of mine have been too lazy to chase fry; but I did have one that chased guppy fry all the time; I don't know how many he actually ate... It helps if your tank is planted because he seemed to find it harder to chase fry through plants.
  10. Okay, So I have been attempting to breed betta for the last two months with no real success. I have two nice pairs; one halfmoon and one crowntail. Last time, I had an almost perfect spawn; huge bubblenest, super fast and gentle. It seemed to be going good; until I took the female out and the male decided it was a great idea to eat all the eggs. :an!gry I think I have been doing all the 'right' things; it just isn't working. I've decided to have one last attempt before I take a break from fighters altogether. Do you guys have any advice or hints as to what I might be doing wrong?
  11. I've never owned big dogs, but there is a pet shop in puke that encourages raw dog food? Maybe. I've just seen it advertised when I've been in there looking at fish stuff. :oops: Here is the website anyway. http://www.gourmetpetfood.co.nz
  12. Have you read about the nitrogen cycle? Once you understand this fish keeping becomes a lot easier! http://fishkeepers.co.nz/index.php/setting_up_a_tank/ To answer your question, as soon as the ammonia and nitrite levels have reached zero and your tank is cycled. Although, don't add all your fish at once, as this may cause an ammonia spike that will hurt/kill your fish. You can cycle your tank with fish, but I prefer not to do that... HTH
  13. Awww ! :tears: That sucks! Is the temperature normal? Just an idea with all the cold lately...
  14. It snowed today at school in Pukekohe. Although are a few arguments going about whether or not it was a just sleet... :roll:
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