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AGM 2016 Results

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A big thank you for the turnout this year from Delegates and Executive and persevering through the technical issues that cropped up through the running of our first almost totally online meeting.

The results are

Patron - Grant Simpson MAC

Vice Patron - Caryl Simpson, Mac

President - Mark Paterson, BFRC

Vice Presidents - Tim Kurth, CTT, Cam Sott, TAC

Secretary - Danielle Wall, WAS

Treasurer - Melany Mohring, WAS

Editor - Darren Stevens and Stephanie Bright co editor

Breeding coordinator - Maxine Lynch, UHAS and KMAC

Executive Panel - Mark McElhinney, DAPS

                             Alex Fleming, AFA

                             Jim Systema, BFRC

An excellent result as 7 of our Federation clubs are now represented on the FNZAS executive giving us a decision making process that will better represent our clubs nationwide.

A very big thank you to our executive who have stood down for the work you have done in te past year.


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