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Red Whiptails


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My male is guarding a clutch of eggs in a 1 1/4 " (might be 1 1/2 ") PVC. Not sure how long he has had them as he has been guarding the cave for months with no eggs.

What is the hatch time frame (23 deg)?

How big are they and will they stay in the cave with him etc?

They are in with 2 minnows (were 5 but they never bred in the 3 years I've had them), 20 odd blond guppies, 5 glass catfish, 2 panda whiptails, kuhli loaches and a 20+ cm goldspot pleco:

Will they get eaten?

If I move them to a breeding trap/cage will dad still look after the eggs?

Anything else I should/shouldn't do?

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I decided to take the boy and his tube out and place it in with the shrimp, and add a small heater. The poor guy was on his fourth or fifth lot of eggs with no fry seen in the community tank. Yesterday the last lot started to hatch and by this morning they all had. I can count 10 but as it is a rocky little nano there are bound to be more.

First one out, dad still looking after the rest:






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Good to see others are having trouble too (well, not good, but makes me feel a bit better) - first attempt and he sat for 2 weeks (girl dropped eggs) and I didn't see any fry - going to try again in another few days :roll: The fry are so cute! Good luck raising them :)

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Sorry to bump, but does anyone know whether these guys will breed in a clear tube?

I can tell when my girls have laid eggs but I can't tell whether he's sitting on them :nilly:

Also do you remove the females after they've laid eggs, or do you leave them in the tank?

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