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Albino corydora turning blue??


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I have had an ablino corydora for about 6 months - started off as the usual mid sized but now has grown quite big (about 9cm) and has started to turn blue (metallic looking around head and underbelly). Other than that he/she (how do I tell) seems as happy as. Can anyone tell me what is up? :-?

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Wow - how cool to get so many replies!

The substrate is medium gravel (fruit salad I think) - came with the tank so not too sure.

Tank mates are: tetras - neons (15), black phantoms(5) & congos (3); guppies (8); corys (2) and gourami - pearl (2) and blue dwarf (2) and too many platys (can't stop them breeding - started with 2, gave away 25 and now have about 20!) all too pretty! :wink:

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I've heard once before about albino cory's showing a bit a blue colouring - in that case it was the food that they were getting - the tank was getting a mixed flake (you know red/brown/green flakes altogether) but the surface and mid-water swimmers for some reason only ate the red or brown flakes leaving the cory's only ever eating the green flakes this eventually led to them showing a bluish colour. Once the were getting a more balanced diet their blue tinge gradually faded.

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Finally I have managed to figure out how to get pix on to the site :lol:

Here's the link to my blue headed cory:

http://au.f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/win ... .dir=/7c87

BTW - last weekend he stayed still long enough to get the tape measure out and he/she is in fact only 8 cm long so not quite as big as I thought. :oops:

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I have same problem..noticed one comment about feed....have started giving more algae flakes for plecos so Im guessing that could be what is causing blue color....gonna stop flakes and see if it changes back to normal pink....otherwise they seem healthy....

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