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  1. As, above I have a breeding pair of koi angels I have a video of them laying if you message me I can send it to u as an email Open to offers Pick up only from papatoetoe
  2. Hoping somebody can help me I'm on the look out for Platties pick up around auckland Plants happy to pay postage and if a good deal on twisted val Coloured sand blue happy yo pay postage Thanks
  3. Looking for dividers for a fish tank that is 90x 45 x45 Would anybody have any spare Pick up if in Auckland
  4. Would anybody have any val or pine to sell please can pick up in Auckland or happy to pay postage
  5. Hi there please message me as seller in manurewa
  6. As above looking for a blue plantet or similar 60 to 70 litres can pick up in Auckland
  7. Not sure what I did wrong but if not can you please email me ta seahorses083@gmail.com ta
  8. Lol its me and I forgot how to use the pm I'll try again ta
  9. Would any body please be able to help me out with plants or cuttings please I'm going to try redo 2 tanks and plant them out Please let me know if you can help ta
  10. As about I'm looking for a large round or square pond Can pick up in Auckland or if delivery to papatoetoe
  11. I'm needing help please I've breed rainbow fish on spawing mops and fry are free swimming for a week when do I move the mops f Om the tank ta
  12. Has anybody got any cuttings or plants to sell happy to pay for postage Is anybody using them over fish tanks ta
  13. 7x in total 4 x about 2 month old 1 x about 1 cm big 3 x teenagers 25 dollars the lot pick up only from papatoetoe
  14. 7 x young albino golden mollies some mayb leir tails Pick up only from papatoetoe not far from motorway
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