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  1. Put a little bit of water in the bottom of the tank and put said cat back in and he might learn.
  2. I have used coca cola to clean and that worked okay, but vinegar and elbow grease work well too
  3. I find that BBA always hits the wood first in my tank, but by the looks of things you seem to have it under control and the tank looks amazing. I think it adds character :lol: . What type of fish are you planning on putting in the tank?
  4. hehehe. You are supposed to tie fishing line to it first, so that i the wind catches it, it does not blow into space. I order three more off a deal a day website in the states. They cost me $39.00 each including postage. They are going to be such great christmas presents :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
  5. George the Shark is so worth the money. He costs $25.00 per month to fill and travels well. He is a toy that any age loves to play with and we have had hours of entertainment. If anyone is up this way and wants to check them out before they buy them you are more than welcome to come and test him out. Just watch out for the cheaper ones cause they are the infra red ones and dont have as bigger distance range as the frequency ones. :love:
  6. Was there any other choice??? Yes as much as i like Nemo, i could not go past the shark. Will definitely post some pictures and video for you
  7. My Shark Airswimmer is here. Will fill it up on friday and let you all know what its like. Soo excited :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
  8. A friend and i have ordered one each off ebay. Will let you know what they are like once they get here in a weeks time. So excited :happy1:
  9. You might be wrong about the bird barn on Lincoln Road . They have a dedicated fish person in there now that has completely revamped the fish room and stocked the tanks up with a good variety of fish at pretty good prices. I did the rounds on saturday and visited hollywoods, bird barn and a couple of other places. Bird barn had the best selection of fish at the best prices. Got a dwarf puffer for $12.00 and enough Java fern to fill a three foot tank for $5.00. I am a pretty happy customer :love:
  10. Your very lucky. They are one of those fish that are very Camera shy. Anytime a get a camera near mine they all disappear :slfg:
  11. Hey Ant, you really need a tropical to finish off the collection, and a native NZ freshwater tank. Wont be long till you run out of room in that shed of yours.
  12. Hey guys, hopefully you didnt buy too much at the bird barn, before this disaster. It was nice to meet you. I would use gladwrap over your sump and the top of your tank. If you get stuck call out, i am sure someone here can help you.
  13. I have long finned bristlenose with mine, but i have alot of space. I think it depends on the personality of the fish and how you have them set up
  14. Yeah, i had noticed that too. But there is a spanner in the works at the moment so hopefully we will get a good outcome soon
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