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  1. I had viewed the plant database and found that its a native. please do pm me if you have some to spare and would be happy to propagate it and share. I'm currently on the process of propagating glosso emmersed and so far so good. it would be a great carpet option because of its smaller leaf. Thanks for the reply guys! Cheers
  2. so got my planted tank with Glossostigma elatinoides and now wanted to try Glossostigma cleisanthum. It seems a bit better looking for carpet since it has smaller leaves. Where would be the best option for me to get a small starter bunch for propagation? aside from glosso and dwarf hairgrass, what other options do I have for foreground carpet? Thanks
  3. So I just purchased a drop checker from trademe for my planted tank. Just wanted to ask if theres anyone who has a bottle (250ml) or so of spare 4dkh solution? I know I can make my own solution from distilled water+baking soda but the recipe would be too much for my needs. Will be happy to pay for postage..
  4. thank you guys...will try your suggestions
  5. hi guys, just want to ask where I can get a black or White opaque film or sticker for my planted tank? Dont want to paint my tank.. :bggrn:
  6. I think its not available in NZ, I'm actually new to NZ and starting me planted NanoTank....still looking for other small leaf plants for foreground...
  7. will try other locations...hopefully I'll find one..
  8. Ive been searching online and in trademe for dwarf baby tears. Does anyone know where I can get them? just need a small amount for my 15Liter Nano Planted tank..cheers
  9. Very nice setup you have there....finally got my first nano tank...not the Leo but the hailea E15 of trademe just today....I was suppose to buy the Leotank but wanted a used one..
  10. thank for this...just went online today....bdway, just got the hailea E15 tank on trademe..is there a Planted Forum in Fnzas? just dont want to post in the wrong thread..:0
  11. thanks for this.....this would be another concern for me...is there a place here that sells nano tanks aside from Hollywoodfish?
  12. thanks for the reply....i was searching for reviews for this tank but found nothing in the net...adding another filter would work would also destroy the aesthetics of the tank...would you recommend the square nano tanks? I'm also looking at the Fluval Spec V but its a bit high on the price range for me...
  13. Hi guys, I am planning to setup a Nano Planted tank and encountered the LEO Q550 Nano tank in Trademe. Just wanted to ask if anyone has/is currently using this brand? feedback or review would be a great help. I just don't know where to post this question..sorry
  14. Angelo

    hi! new to NZ

    Hi Guys! sorry for the late reply...was busy with job hunting.
  15. Angelo

    hi! new to NZ

    hi everyone, new to new zealand from the Philippines. I have been into fish keeping 10 years ago and love's Goldfish and Koi
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