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  1. Yep when they don't move around to fast!!! They are about the size of a old five cent piece maybe some a little bigger there's about 36 of them now but all going well so far will try to do some photography and post it.
  2. Not sure what you would call them but mum is apparently a red melon and dad is a blue turk, she is quite bright red on the out line of her body and more browny red on her sides and dad is bright blue with red wiggly lines all over him! Sorry as you can tell I'm not up with my discus breeds!!! Babies are getting big now and starting to colour up one baby decided to be half black.
  3. Okay thanks how many litres would you suggest and how often it's a 300 litre tank. I have been doing the normal once a week roughly a third change as it is a community tank and have just divided the parents and babies off.
  4. Hi there above all my expectations I have just over 30 baby discus that are about 5 weeks old, the parents are doing well there is no broken skin or nicks out of them and the babies are eating decapsulated brine shrimp and nibbling on other food as well. Do you have to remove the babies or are they okay to be left with mum and dad until they get to big to share the tank? :f77:
  5. Yep got to free swimming stage then the first thing the babies did was squeeze through the divider and get eaten by the other fish so I think next time I will use the same water but remove the adults and put into another tank as soon as they start looking like having more babies. So every two weeks you say that's a quick turn a round!
  6. Lucky I got that divider up and running last night as my discus eggs have all hatched and got a school of little wrigglers so my next questions are do I do extra feedings for parents at mo they are on three times a day and when should I start putting brime shrimp in for the babies to eat also when should I wean the babies? Thanks heaps Megan
  7. Ok so that's yes it's ok or yes it will leak chemicals??? Thanks
  8. Hi I have a pair of discus who decided to lay eggs so need something to divide the tank as it's a community aquarium, my hubby found some fibreglass insect screening mesh for windows it's UV Stabilised so was wondering if this was ok to put in my tank. It feels almost plastic like but thought to check incase it leaks chemicals into the water. What's everybody's thoughts? Thanks heaps Megan
  9. Thanks for that yeah thought my tank is to hot for them never mind might go neons or just leave it for now and wait till the new discus get here and settle in and decide later don't want to over crowd my tank might put more plants in it instead to get a new look love some of the planted tanks that people have posted up here before :cophot:
  10. Thanks for the idea I ended up buying two discus from Auckland so will go take kids to the zoo then pick up the fish was thinking of minows as a fuller and redesigning the tank with more driftwood and plants to give it new life. My oldest discus was 8 years old when it died, I can't seem to go past a pretty discus for display fish! Has anyone heard of minows being trouble in a tank or are they pretty good? Thanks
  11. Hi there, I have a 300lt tropical tank with: 2 x Discus 2 x Bristlenose 4 x very very old rams 6 or so mollies I want to stock it again as at the mo it's looking pretty empty. What would be a good addition to the tank with what is already there? Would love to stock more discus but either rather pricey or outta town :dunno: Your suggestions would be welcome Thanks Megs
  12. Just wondering how to tell if I have male or female discus or hopefully one of each :bggrn: One of my discus is about 8 - 10cm from nose to tail the other is 6 - 8cm. Thanks
  13. Sweet thanks heaps for that info.
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