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    Keeping fish and shrimp,fishing and my family and trying to get the water crystal clear in my tanks.
  1. Thank you kinnadian, I have contacted the supplier I purchased it from as I only have had it a few days.Thanks for that info,good to know for future reference.
  2. Sorry to drag an old post up.Just wondering if DennisP is still about if you fixed this problem.Thank you.
  3. Hi, Finally got to adding a canister filter to my Aqua One 980.I elected to add pipe work to the outlet chamber area, as there was too much going on in the pump area,plus I wanted to keep the existing filter running.I am still able to move the filter body forward to clean the back glass.
  4. Cheers for that LYNDYLOO, I have actually worked out where it is going to go and how now, as I have decided to use the existing as well.So the outlet end is the mod end.If that all works for me then I will put another smaller canister the other end,then take the existing one out.Thanks.
  5. Thanks ywtsmwfhm, I thought about running it through that area. As I have decided to keep the original filter system running,I am going to fit it in from the outlet end. If I get what I am hoping to get out of a canister,then I may take the original one right and and fit a smaller canister the other end.
  6. cartandpeg

    Eheim 2217

    Hi, I posted going back awhile about fitting an additional filter to my Aqua One 980T,240ltrs. After much deciding if I should go for a cheaper brand I settled on the Eheim 2217 canister. I jumped on it as the price was pretty good,complete with all the you beaut media. I am hoping I can fit it along with the existing filter. After seeing the size of the hoses etc,I am having a few, should I, should'nt of I moments.In regards if I can do the mods to make it fit. So I am looking basically for some reassurance that I have done the right thing. I realize now it is too late as it is in the post. So any thoughts please. Thank you.
  7. I purchased some black contact and as I have an Aqua one 980 it has plastic trim on the back.So I cut to shape to suit the black trim,pulled it snug and tight and sticky taped the edges of the contact to the trim.I did not remove the backing to expose the sticky contact.Simple matter of taking sticky tape off to remove if needed.
  8. Thank you Adrienne, When you say remove more of my sponges.which would you suggest to remove,allowing I have removed a lot,compared to what I had.I will fit some carbon in,I had an Aqua One corner unit many years ago and ran carbon all the time and found the water to be very clear,I just purchased a bulk amount and placed it in filter bags. Feeding wise,I feed them nightly,flakes for my top,mid water fish and then pellets for my bottom feeders. The pellets(wardley shrimp pellets granulos) tend to basically explode after a short period in the water,then it is a free for all,with the water very dirty from them. I attempt to change the water weekly,stretching it to a fortnight,the amount would be between 60 to 70 ltrs,previous I was tending to be a bit lazy and only doing about 40ltrs. I did have a bad habit of rinsing all my filter media at the same,each water change in tank water. I went for 980T as I got it at a good price,how ever it is like taking a bath reaching down to the bottom. Many thanks again Adrienne.
  9. Thank you NoFishing and Adrienne for your replies. Adrienne,the main reason on why I want to go to a canister filter is that,I have trouble keeping water clarity. I have always seemed to have white little bits floating around in it,my ideal water would be crystal clear,yet I can not seem to obtain that. How ever on saying that,there is the possibility that I have had too much filter media in my trays. This is how I have had them in each tray bottom up,ceramic noodles,two or three layers of micro pad,the coarse black sponge and a layer of filter wool under the spray bar. I think this may be causing by pass of any muck collected. This is how today I have changed it,bottom up,ceramic noodles,one layer of micro pad,black coarse sponge and a thin layer of like a fine wool mat under the spray bar.How ever in the last tray(out let end) I have noodles,then two bags on Macropore (about 700ml total) then the coarse sponge with the fine wool mat on top. I have noticed a difference by changing it that way,I have swimming pool filter sand as the substrate.I also have a flat black back ground,which at times I think high lights any light colored particles in the water. I will admit I am probably overstocked a bit,11 Rummy Nose Tetras,4 Neon Tetras,5 bronze Corydoras,3 Pepper Corydroas,2 Bristle Nose and 16 very small Rosy Barbs,the Barbs are in there as the previous owner was going to dispose of them,so I took them off him.I do intend to pass at least 10 of these barbs off to another person. The tank has rocks and plant wise,java moss,java fern and anubias,so it is not overly planted. When I have taken the actual complete filter body off to clean,I have noticed like fine granules in the bottom. I thought that it could be the noodles breaking down or just sand picked up by the intake tube. As I said since reducing the amount of media the water does look better,maybe I am striving to much to get that crystal clear look. Sorry about the long winded post,I would be very interested to hear what you think and any advice you could give. However, prior to barbs I was still having the particles in the water. If I could avoid putting in a canister that would beneficial to me. I thought maybe adding one would help. Foot note: I have the 980T,water capacity 240ltrs. Thank you. Andy
  10. Hi All, Just joined up here and hoping some one may be able to help me. I found this site as the info I have been seeking brought me to some pages on FNZAS but did not answer what my dilemma is,or at least I could not find the answer. If it has been answered the my apologies. I want to add a canister filter to my AR980 and preferably keep the existing system in place,only because I have no other tank to put my fish in and rather than create a tank cycle with the new canister,I will have the existing one continuing to do that while the canister get its biological working. Could anyone please tell me,preferably with pics or in easy terms on how/where to locate pipe work etc. There seems to be posts on the net of those that have done it,but no direction in how. Thank you if anyone can help. Andy
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