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  1. How much was your system? Would something like that be enough though - only small tank starting out with hardy corals
  2. What's this like? https://www.trademe.co.nz/pets-animals/fish/pumps-filters/listing-1842903062.htm?rsqid=6731da77dfdb46c0a6c152591e06fe68
  3. I'm in Auckland and researching my first RO kit. Given I'm on Auckland City mains water supply. What would I need in my RO kit? 3 stage 4 tage, 5 stage etc... I've seen a cheap one online but been told it wouldn't be worth it given it's 3 stages. No idea if Auckland use Chloramines either... assume they do.
  4. Looking for recommendations to get a reverse osmosis System locally (within NZ)
  5. shouldn't be powered should it?
  6. Has anyone ordered a reverse osmosis System from America or another country? Maybe BRS? does their plumbing connections work in NZ?
  7. As the subject suggests, I’m after a reverse osmosis system. im in Auckland and on Auckland town supply. any recommendations for where to get a good system at a good price
  8. Cheers, where did you buy Pure Dew? Pak n Save is about $5.50 while Countdown is about $6.50 - just making sure this is about right?
  9. I'm wondering what others use as RODI water? I'm not going to use NSW and will get a RO/DI unit in the coming months, in the meantime I'm using Pure Dew bottled water. There are some other products out there in larger bottles (Pure Dew is 10L max). Does anyone use anything else? I've got fish only for now, won't go coral until I have RO/DI unit.
  10. I have a 120L system, 60x45x40(cm). I'm looking for a small and affordable but quiet wavemaker to help with circulation. Something that's easily accessible here in Auckland. Recommendations, please.
  11. Great, any idea how much I should put in for a 130L system?
  12. So I've read a lot on using a couple of fresh shrimp to kick start the nitrogen cycle. Unfortunately where I am, most shrimp is precooked and frozen or at least precooked. Can I use something like fresh raw fish something like Snapper? if so how much would I use?
  13. So what you're saying... you can add two small fish into a tank and it should start cycling on it's own with them and not be too cruel to the fish? Bacteria in a bottle will help but not replace the bacteria in the time it takes for the real bacteria to form. So a couple of small clowns in a 140L system should be okay?
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